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06-04-2014, 18:35
Q: does anyone know how GW manage stock levels and scheduling?

Guessing its some sort of stock control software monitoring levels and indicating what needs to be made to re-stock supplies. Presumably something reasonably modern that can tie into the financials side to know which product to make when there are more required than slots to make them in (i.e. build what will make the most money).

No specific reason for asking, not like knowing will change anything, just curious as to how much of this is coldly analytical by machine and how much is coldly analytical by humans with whatever is left being slightly more fuzzy.

Presumably this is something able to spit out reports on individual line performance which may drive some of the more recent model selections - some software has indicated previously similar products have done well.

06-04-2014, 21:38
Well, there are a few industry solutions that cover these important programs such as SAP (german IT company) or Oracle products that you can install as a company and have it customized to your special needs (very basic explanation).

There are modules for tracking stock, ordering systems, general information, production planning etc that are all connected so when the production plant finishes a production run and the goods are stored the storage system is automatically updated to show the new stock numbers.

I don't know how complex GW's business is but i work for a big german tools corporation and we use SAP and it is extremely complex when you get down to the details so you need experts to run and interpret the data.. a simple 4 week course won't cut it, these are positions you need academic degrees for.

To start explaing company operations would break the board because people study this for years and have built careers on it.. if you want to know a little bit more go to a library or bookstore and start with basic economy 101 and go from there.

07-04-2014, 19:25
Oh well aware of the corporate virus that is SAP.. so called because of what it does to your will to live.

Just wondered if GW were doing the usual or if they had adapted something else - given the smaller scale of the operation I'm not sure I can see them springing for SAP which tends to be found anywhere the slugs of consultancy* can be found.

Still it could be worse.. they could use a lean six sigma process to enpower total quality management... at which point someone jumps up and shouts 'bingo'...

* if you are not part of the solution you will make a fortune prolonging the problem (demotivators quote, but its true)