View Full Version : Best Army/List Against MEQ?

07-04-2014, 16:04
I'm looking at jumping back into 40k and our local meta is generally highly competitive MEQ. What is a good army to deal with MEQ? I'm leaning towards IG but not sure they are the army for this environment. Feedback is appreciated.

07-04-2014, 23:03
Eldar. They have alot of AP 1-2 and a good chunk of weapons have rending.

08-04-2014, 00:48
Heldrake spam if you want to feel dirty.
Eldar and tau both do well.

Will have to wait a little while to see how the IG is doing (new codex soon)

Frankly chose an army you'll like to play and you may actually stick around long enough to finish painting it.

08-04-2014, 17:18
I would say any army can be anti-meq. Marines are reliable and can do everything ok, but arent great at anything. Every army will either, outnumber, outmelee, outshoot, outmagic, or outlast marines, or some combination of them, just focus on what you do better than the marines and you have it sorted.

It also happens that because marines are the posterchild army and the most popular faction by far, every time they update an army, most people will look at the new book and if it cant kill marines will pass. This means that in order to make the army sell better, anti-meq tools will be crowbarred in.

I think marines are a decent faction but other than a few power builds will always be easily countered.

If it is a highly competitive meq environment, which builds are you seeing mostly? We may be able to give you a hard counter if you want a list that works but you might not enjoy or get much attachment to as you didnt pick it yourself?

Phaeron Setek
08-04-2014, 18:46
I have found that a lot of competitive (min-maxing / WAAC) builds for marines have trouble dealing with hordes. Could just be my local meta, but SM players have a hard time putting down 150 Gaunts or 120 orks, all fearless. There are just not enough bullets...

09-04-2014, 00:04
Virtually every army can hose MEQ hard if built with that in mind. Including most MEQ armies.

I'd hang off the Guard regardless until I saw the new codex, but I would expect it to do the trick. Eldar does the trick, Tau does the trick, even Chaos Space Marines do the trick... in fact, CSM probably has more AP3 ignores cover than anyone else in the 40K universe.

09-04-2014, 00:55
Farsight Enclaves. All elites slots filled with ion accelerator armed Riptides. Troops filled with dual-plasma armed crisis teams. Plenty of markerlights. Fill other slots with other units to taste. It's extremely specialised, but should in theory liquidate most MEQ armies.

Of course I personally would just ignore the 'meta' altogether and go with whatever faction I liked the look of, but if hosing down MEQs is what you're after, then that's what I'd go with.

09-04-2014, 13:48
I can only ask you to be careful though. unless your 'highly competitive environment' is a tournament circuit, building an army to hard counter MEQ when they are mostly what you are going to face is going to ensure that you become 'that guy' (and I hate that term).