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09-04-2014, 15:16
Ive been collecting high elves for a while now and have built up a fair few just cause i enjoy the model and painting aspect, but i want to start to game with them, this is what i have got but im not sure whats good,ive then built a list from the collection.

So this is what ive got, 10 silverhelms,10 dragon princes,22 swordmasters,20 phoenix guard.mage on a horse, mage on foot,caradryan,griffon and prince,dragon and prince,25 archers,20 sea guard,3 bolt throwers, flamespyre phoenix,lion chariot, and with that ive come up with

2500 points

20 phoenix guard (standard bearer)with caradryan and loremaster

10 dragon princes (standard bearer)

22 swordmasters(musician and standard bearer)

2 bolt throwers

flamespyre phoenix

20 sea guard(banner)
10 silver helm
archmage on sundragon

What needs put right, im open to getting more of something if needed.

09-04-2014, 19:36
Caster/mage on a dragon = cool modeling, but massive fail in game

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09-04-2014, 20:07
I would strongly recommend playing with the models you have and not worrying about optimizing, that way you'll get a good understanding of what everything does and how it works together, especially since you have a such a nicely varied selection of models. Once you get in a couple games with the models you have I'd suggest figuring out what type of play-style you enjoy - magic heavy, fast- avoidance, shooty, small elite & hard hitting, large blocks of infantry, etc. etc.) and start tailoring your list from there.

09-04-2014, 20:49
i suppose im just making sure of a few things
1) am i missing out on any units that i dont have that are a must
2)am i including any units that are down right crap
3) the units ..are they of the right size numbers wise and what formation would they normally go in to be most effective

09-04-2014, 22:25
i suppose im just making sure of a few things
1) am i missing out on any units that i dont have that are a must
2)am i including any units that are down right crap
3) the units ..are they of the right size numbers wise and what formation would they normally go in to be most effective

1. Two units you'll see in most competitive HE lists that you don't have are (a) White Lions and (b) Frostfire Phoenixes
2. I don't see people using a lot of the Flamespyre Phoenix, not because it's bad, but rather because the Frostfire one is better, casters on dragons aren't great because you have a guy you want to keep safe on an expensive monster you want to rush into combat and sword masters aren't "optimal", but again, they aren't bad
3. The book is extremely flexible so there is no right answer here. You can horde up your units or you can run a bunch of 5-7man units, this will depend on the rest of your army and how you like to play. Just remember to take advantage fighting in a third rank.

10-04-2014, 09:23
what about a prince on the dragon instead and stick the mage in a footunit, why are the white lions better than swordmasters ive been looking at the book and cant pick out a decent advantage

10-04-2014, 11:25
* Supporting attacks can only be 1 per model so only the front rank gets additional attacks
* You are S6 instead of S5
* +2 save vs ballistic shooting (this is huge as it allows more models to reach the enemies lines than a 6++ parry from swordmasters)

You loose out on -1WS but unless you are regally fighting WS2 troops the difference is not that great; especially as high magic means you can buff this stat; and on the whole you'll have less attacks but the S6 vs S5 is a massive difference against tougher troops. (dwarves, Orcs WoC are all base T4) and the additional modifier to armour save helps against heavy cavalry.

I'm not saying swordmasters are bad - far from it; but unless your meta is a lot of T3 WS2 troops (undead, skaven) a white lion tends to edge them out.

10-04-2014, 12:24
thats great i get it now,so a big unit of white lions instead of swordmasters, say a 6 by 4 formation is better, do i drop the swordmasters altogether then?

10-04-2014, 12:58
I wouldn't rule out swordmasters completely as MSU swordmasters are both fun to play and quite effective.

Personally I like Phoenix guards better than white lions but I guess they fill slightly different roles.

Double phoenix is very powerful and definitely way better in game than dragon phoenix combination. The flame one is oh so good against hordes just fly over and watch them burn all game. But yes if you only take one then frosty is better.

I guess just play with what you have first and get a feel for the units before you go and buy a whole bunch of miniatures that you end up not playing with.

Honestly dragon princes are cool but they are not that much better than silver helms and helms are that much more cost efficient.

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10-04-2014, 13:58
The biggest benefit of white loans is that they're stubborn. It's huge.

10-04-2014, 19:24
so ive made a few tweaks based on your usefull comments,how does this look

archmage level 4
mage level 2
30 archers
10 silver helm
10 dragon princes
30 white lions
25 phoenix guard
3 bolt throwers
frostheart phoenix

comes to 2400 points so with the other 100 i can get standard bearers or items

11-04-2014, 02:40
I play high elves a lot you need a bsb badly drop phoniexguard dow to 17 with Caradryan and you need world dragon banner on white lions

11-04-2014, 14:51
any comments, where do i put a bsb