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10-04-2014, 11:15
Hello everyone,

As you might be able to guess from my username I am a massive fan of the Hobbit, the book anyway. The films; a lot less so but the fact there is now a purpose sculpted range of figures for my favourite book and hobby means I really would be silly not to jump at the chance to play it.

HOWEVER I am very much interested in playing the book version and skipping all these silly named made up Nurgblad Orc Hunter Captains with Warg and Vortex Grenades and only fielding what was included in the original (well...2nd version) 270 or so pages.

For the Evil warband I am probably just going to be using Goblins and Wargs with a sprinkling of Captains (will use the Orc Hunter on Warg profile for a Chief Warg), Mirkwood Spiders, Bolg and his cruel armed guards once they are released etc.

For the Good warbands I can of course use Thorin and his company (though very tempted to swap out "Thorin" for another Dwarf figure), Elves of Mirkwood (probably need rules for singing annoying songs), men of Dale/Laketown (pretty interchangeable to me!), Dwarves of the Iron Hills etc.

Anyway I was just wondering if anybody would have any advice on this? Is it madness? Am I missing out on a lot of the "fun" units involved in the game?

Thanks for reading.

10-04-2014, 18:39
You could use the Mirkwood sentinels from the free peoples book for your "annoying singing elves." They actually do have songs that they can sing once a turn, and the one does act like a "lure" and let you move the enemy model.

Whitwort Stormbringer
11-04-2014, 03:55
Well, I don't know that the various named orc captains really take much away from the gaming experience, if going by the book, but they do make things more interesting for the evil player, so I would leave them in. Even though the book focuses on the dwarves, you want the game to be interesting for both sides. I do lean a bit towards using regular old orc or goblin stats instead of GW's "hunter orcs," though, which are inexplicably as strong as uruk-hai.

As for humans/elves/dwarves, it seems to me that the existing profiles are probably fine. You could use either newer profiles from the Hobbit books, or profiles from the LOTR books, plenty of options to cover your bases, really. I personally thought that some of Thorin's dwarves seemed a tad overpowered (not for their points, just thematically), but different strokes for different folks. You could fiddle with their profiles if you wanted to, and adjust their points costs as necessary.

02-05-2014, 10:13
Yes, I don't understand what the difference between an Orc and A Hunter Orc is...

I am actually more tempted to use the Moria lists for the Goblins than the ones from the Hobbit. I don't know, something just doesn't sit right with me with PJ's depiction of them.

The Mirkwood Ranger ability sounds ideal! Thanks guys!