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Inquisitor lorr
16-06-2006, 17:23

Well i just finished my GCSE's:p and i've been meaning to do an army for the UK grand tournament.So i thought what better time to start than now,with about 3 months of absolutely nothing to do:D

I decided on vostroyans because the models are awesome and i love guard,i've just never been able to find a regiment to stick to.

Well anyway that bit over,i bought the regiment box and an officer blister pack.I have nearly assembled and prepared them so i'll post some pics later.

17-06-2006, 10:42
can't wait to see them. I love them also

good luck,


Inquisitor lorr
17-06-2006, 12:11
Well i've nearly finished one of the testers guys and hes looking ok.I'll post a pic in about an hour.

Inquisitor lorr
17-06-2006, 15:22
Well heres a pic of the tester,hes very nearly finished,when he is i'll take a better pic.


http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f58/InquisitorLorr/Vostroyans/th_Vostryan1.jpg (http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f58/InquisitorLorr/Vostroyans/Vostryan1.jpg)

http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f58/InquisitorLorr/Vostroyans/th_Vostroyan2.jpg (http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f58/InquisitorLorr/Vostroyans/Vostroyan2.jpg)

17-06-2006, 16:10
i'm more and more liking the models for vostrayans but too many people are doing teh "standard" scheme.

Inquisitor lorr
17-06-2006, 16:28
I know what you mean but i couldn't think of what else to do,i racked my brains and the fact that are large amount of the model is armour means you are quite limited as the type of armour is not like that of marines so you couldn't paint it say red.

17-06-2006, 19:51
he looks good. is the gold NMM? only one problem, the pic is a bit.... (don't know the english word). keep up the good work

17-06-2006, 19:56

theyre looking good, i like them sofar

Cadian 21st
17-06-2006, 20:52
...the type of armour is not like that of marines so you couldn't paint it say red.

- I may just try to do that...

Inquisitor lorr
17-06-2006, 21:41
Thanks all,yeh i know the pics rubbish,its cos i tried to alter an already bad pic.The gold isn't NMM-just normal old fashioned gold-:p

17-06-2006, 22:27
Painting is very nice, but you should put more effort in the base (I think it's WIP). It makes the difference.
Good idea to paint the lenses blue, let them stand out more.

17-06-2006, 22:35
how did you paint that lovely gold? (off topic: made this post on my PSP :p)

18-06-2006, 10:34
What did you think of the vostroyan scheme that was in the back of the last white dwarf- the officer done in blue and gold? Worth a go? Or maybe a green and gold? What theme are you going to go for base wise- urban, desert, standard greenery,.....?

Still learning
18-06-2006, 13:06
mortare, if you could, can u pls post a pic of that vossie guy you talk of in your white dwarfe? the one with the blue and gold pls.

and yes a tutorial on that gold would be nice,

18-06-2006, 15:39
I'm doing mine in Green and gold, i'm starting with a Tin Bitz Drybrush, then a couple of Gold Drybrushes,, then the green over the gold on the material pieces of the model

18-06-2006, 17:19
Fraid i dont have a camera with me, but it is on page 109 of UK WD 318. Sorry if that doesnt help much, maybe someone else can help photo wise

18-06-2006, 18:14
Mine will be Gold with the coats in Kommando Khaki (shading with Graveyard Earth, Highlights with Rotting Flesh), basically like they painted the Vostroyan tanks. I'll also add some red by painting the eagle symbols and the feathers with Red Gore.

19-06-2006, 11:31
Nice job, Inq. Lorr.
It would be really nice to see better pics, if you ever find the time.


The boyz
19-06-2006, 12:43
That Vostroyan looks very good Inq Lorr, great paint job. The gold areas look very nice from what I can see. Looking forward to seeing some more updates.

Inquisitor lorr
19-06-2006, 12:45
Nice job, Inq. Lorr.
It would be really nice to see better pics, if you ever find the time.


Will do-i'll get some today,sorry about the lack of replies yesterday ,i was at a concert-the foo fighters:D

Anyway@KoU-the gold was

-Basecoat brazen brass
-Brown ink wash
-Shining gold highlight-very fine
-Shining gold 50/50 mithril silver-this is more like a blended layer
-A couple of very watered down brown ink washes

There ya go

I'll try and post some pics later and try and paint some more guys.:p

Inquisitor lorr
19-06-2006, 15:37
Right then i have painted a vostroyan with black cloth and it looks pretty cool,i will post pics soon.But in the mean time has anyone got any ideas for cloth colour and what shade of said colour.

We've already had


any others,much appreciated

Still learning
20-06-2006, 05:59

20-06-2006, 09:16
My future Vostroyan army will be black/dark grey uniforms and silvery decorations.

20-06-2006, 09:57

i went for a metalic blue chem cloak style

20-06-2006, 10:09
I'm going to try grey & gold colour scheme tonight. Pics to come.

Inquisitor lorr
20-06-2006, 10:56
Oh cool-thanks you guys,some good ideas there and they're duly noted.I Will post some pics today,its just its been raining and the pics i take inside are terrible:mad: .I've painted two guys now and half done another two.

20-06-2006, 11:20
Looking good Lorr, you gonna bring some in this Thursday? :D

Inquisitor lorr
20-06-2006, 15:34
Looking good Lorr, you gonna bring some in this Thursday? :D

Yup indeed i will.

I've decided to do them in red now,as i have got a red that i like.:p

Inquisitor lorr
20-06-2006, 19:57
piccies:note ,they're still all WIP

http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f58/InquisitorLorr/Vostroyans/th_Vostroyans3.jpg (http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f58/InquisitorLorr/Vostroyans/Vostroyans3.jpg)
http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f58/InquisitorLorr/Vostroyans/th_Vostroyans2.jpg (http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f58/InquisitorLorr/Vostroyans/Vostroyans2.jpg)
http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f58/InquisitorLorr/Vostroyans/th_Vostroyans1.jpg (http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f58/InquisitorLorr/Vostroyans/Vostroyans1.jpg)

20-06-2006, 20:11
v. sweet
these guys look best in red

Still learning
21-06-2006, 00:47
there nice,

Inquisitor lorr
21-06-2006, 22:57
I wasn't happy with the faces so i re-did them,the first attempt was a new technique i was testing and it failed so i went back to my tried and tested method.Anyway i've painted up the heavy bolter team finished the majority of four guys(just some very minor details) the veteran and an officer-pics tommorow