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Arjac Ironfist
12-04-2014, 22:19
Hi guys I had a game come up recently where I am the dwarfs and he is the orcs. we were playing ETC so hills are infinitely high for LOS purposes, so its his turn and he wants to charge me but there is a hill in the way with both our units on either side of it and neither unit can see the other.

Except he has a goblin shaman on a different base size (20mm as opposed to the orcs 25mm) sticking out of one side (no problem its in the rules) and he (the goblin) can just about see my unit of hammerers around the hill. This is where my opponent says that means the whole unit can now charge in with his horde of savage orcs!

I call fishy and we check the book with the only evidence to support me being on page 98 under when footprints collide. it says that characters are ignored when working out ranks and such, I know this is tenuous when given to LOS purposes but its still fishy? I have included a diagram to show my dilemma. So what do you guys think, is it legal?


GS = goblin shaman
SO = savage orcs
H = hammerers
W = warriors

12-04-2014, 22:40
Both units H and SO can see each other because of that goblin shaman. (Assuming they're facing each other)
A character joined to a unit is part of that unit regardless of base size or placement within the unit.

13-04-2014, 12:07
And this, children, is why the infinite hill rule is really, really stupid. /soapbox

14-04-2014, 01:17
Agreed. One model sees the whole unit can charge. Pretty basic rule.

Its there for because of the broken LoS and cannon rules. No one wants to use any lone character or monsters which limits the types of lists and limits fun. Its a fix that helps one thing while making a couple of other things inconvenient mostly because we just aren't used to the rules. It actually makes cannons need to take some skill instead of just saying "10 from the back".