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13-04-2014, 11:30
I have been traveling and working for the last 4-5 years and just have not had the time i would have liked.... but alas im back and with a brand new shinny army to paint, build and play!!!
i have put together 2 lists for YOU all to help me with... the idea is a social list and a competitive list for the weekend beers and Tournament (beers first)...
PLEASE guys all the help i can get will be rewarded by helping this Expat crush his Eastern adversaries
I feel a good army will have a good bit of fluff in it aswell... feel free to give me any ideas here... my idea is Skragg has got himself an army and some Apostels,
Burntgut is the commander of the Burnt Bonez Tribe... Together there gonna BBQ everyone:evilgrin:!!!!!


Skrag the Slaughterer (425)

Butcher, Lvl 2, Ironfist, Dispel Scroll, Biting Blade, [Heavens](173)
Bruiser, Battle Standard Bearer, Crown of Command, Heavy Armour, Great Weapon,(180)

Core– 652
14 Ironguts, Gutlord, Bellower, Standard Bearer, Banner of Swiftness(LOG) (652)

Special- 727



3 Mournfang Cavalry, Heavy Armour, Ironfist, standard Bearer, Flaming banner 230

Rare– 340

Simple idea really!!!! skrag and the heroes join with the IG 4*4 with skragg saddle bagged on the side... im pretty sure the rest of the army works pretty clearly...


Slaughter Master (Burntgut)- lvl 4- Ruby Ring ofRuin, Glittering Scales, Fencers blades, Dragonbane gem (385)

Hero- 425
Firebelly- lvl 1, Scroll of shielding(135)

Firebelly- lvl 1, dispell scroll (145)

Bruiser – battle standard bearer, HA,GW (145)

core- 642
6 Irongut, Standard Bearer, standard of discipline (283)

8 Irongut, Standard Bearer, GleamingPennant (359)

4 Mournfang- Heavy Armour, Ironfist,Muso, Crusher, Standard Bearer, Dragonhide Banner (360)

2 Mournfang- Heavy Armour, Ironfist(140)

4 Maneaters- Heavy Armour, Greatweapon-2, Extra hand weapon- 2, standard bearer-BOEF (262) (thinking scout and stuborn will be fun)

Sabertusk 21
Sabertusk 21

Thundertusk (250)

total 2506

Lords and hero's fill in the core units to make 2 units of 9

Thanks everyone any and all help is more then appreciated

13-04-2014, 14:53
I'm certainly not the expert on Ogre armies, however let me help out on a few points:

Social list:
I'm not certain whether the OK armybook makes an exception with this, however you are not allowed to take more than 3 duplicates of any special unit choice under most circumstances.

Competetive list:
1. The first, really big thing that any competetive player is going to scam you for is for going over the points limit. Really. Even going 1 point over is usually not acceptable.
2. You've gotten the right idea with core: unless your skaven you really don't want to be spending more points than the minimum on core units.
3. Take the Gnoblar lookout standards. They're important. If not, you're characters are going to be catching cannonballs from turn 1, and you'll get no Look Out Sir! roll.
4. Ruby Ring of Ruin is kinda eh on the most part, especially given that it's on the Slaughtermaster. Use your points elsewhere. My suggestion is getting the 5++ ward save tailsman alongside Fencer's Blades and Glitering Scales.
5. The general consensus in WHFB is that a single level 2 wizard is better than 2 level 1 ones. You get the exact same spell output for ~40% less of the price, and that's really all you want. Take a single Firebelly and upgrade him to level 2.
6. Give the Bruiser some magic items: typicall, people like taking an Enchanted Shield + Tailsman of Preservation + HA (3+/4++ saves). Or get him a Gold Sigil Sword + Armour of Fortune + Ironfist for I10 and a 4+/5++ save.
7. You really want 3 sabretusks. Such is the standard.
8. The general consensus is that if you want to take rare in OK competetive lists, then take only Ironblasters or nothing else. Realistically, 3 Mournfangs w/ HA and Ironfists to a chimel load more damage than the Thundertusk and actually cost less.
9. That Maneater unit looks painfully small. Either don't take it at all, or bump the bodies up to 6.
10. You really, really want at least one unit of Ironbelchers. The damage output they do both at range and in CC is just riduculous.
11. Again, I'm not the expert OK player (indeed, I don't even play the army myself, just against it quite a bit), so I'm not the one to make an opinion on whether standard Ogres or Ironguts are better. Usually, I see 1 unit of Ironguts with the Standard of Discipline and 1 unit of ogres at the 2500 point level.