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13-04-2014, 20:31
Hello gents and ladies (if there is any? Haha)

Finally decided to go down the route of a human army, played my wood elves quite frequently at 1500 points and never got a 'feel' for them. Many on here will know what I mean by that. Although I loved them I need a different army to test and with a tournament near the end of the year, gives me time to create it, test it and win with it! So decided on the next best thing from my woodies and that, for me, is empire! Got a good fluff idea already brewing in my head without even owning any models yet!

So here's the starting 500 point list. Will expand to 2500 as that seems to be tourney size.

captain with full plate armour and enchanted shield and a hand weapon

19 Halberdiers with musician and standard bearer (captain goes here)

3 demigryph knights

and a great cannon

if I'm honest..I have stolen this list from one found on the empire forum but it fits what I had in my mind and goes with the fluff that will inevitably be written up.

13-04-2014, 21:37
As a building block to a larger army sure, if you want to have fun playing at 500 pts - no. You may win with this list but you won't make any friends. I'd recommend swapping the Great cannon for some hand gunners and the knights with 20 swordsmen. Still good as a building block but much more sporting to play. My two cents.

13-04-2014, 23:04
Im not against changing the list, but those suggestions are pants. Handgunners are very suboptimal, you want archers for your ranged unit, they work great as either wizard bunkers or small detachments/redirectors.

Swordsmen, also are less than ideal (though unlike the handgunners they are useable), but I wouldn't use them either.

For building blacks of a tournament army, you might consider inncer circle knights at this point level and add the demis around 750 or 1000.

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14-04-2014, 08:24
Well fun is part of the game...why wouldn't I make friends with this list in that sense? I've been told by many on forums and at my local game store that hand gunners aren't the best. So perhaps trade in the great cannon for a few units of archers? Would then mean the majority of the points would still be core.

Mentat Bashar
14-04-2014, 11:06
It depends on your meta, but in my group that is a perfectly fun and playable list. You ARE going to lose a lot of halberdiers, and humans are what they are - they're going to die a lot. I think that the 'gryphs are going to be fun as they're going to be your solid fear-inducing unit and that's going to make you win some games, which is perfect when you're starting out a new army. The cannon isn't as OP as some will make you believe - a unit of fast cav, some gutter runners or miners and your cannon could very well be out in turn 2, not to mention the risk of misfiring. I say make it so!