View Full Version : Mathhammer Question: WHFB vs. LOTR Poison

14-04-2014, 23:59
In WHFB 6 to hit autowounds.
In LOTR Poisons allows re-roll of 1s to hit.

Which is more powerful? Thanks!

15-04-2014, 01:00
6 autowounds. Without question. Roll a 6 and it happens, no further action required. It's pure win 1/6 of the time.

re-rolling 1's to hit, also requires additional rolls to Wound, and is subject to further bad rolls.

But... What's the point of asking? These are two different game systems.

15-04-2014, 01:29

I am making my own game, and I want a lot of poison but I don't want to make it too powerful.

Invincible Sword Goddess
15-04-2014, 01:47
If I was making my own game in the GW style I would use rerolls over auto successes whenever possible simply because your opponents stats matter a whole lot more. Auto wounding on a 6 bypasses toughness entirely, a reroll at least factors the enemy's toughness into the equation.

15-04-2014, 04:47
Thanks again also!