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15-04-2014, 16:18
I would like any input and *polite* criticism. I have a High Elves army but my heart belongs to Khorne and I need this. Am I missing a better anti-magic option?

+++ 2500pt Warriors of Chaos +++
Warriors of Chaos 8th ed (Standard) Selections:

+ Lords +
* Chaos Lord
Halberd, Juggernaut of Khorne, Mark of Khorne, Shield, Collar of Khorne, Dispel Scroll, Talisman of Preservation

+ Heroes +
* Exalted Hero
Halberd, Juggernaut of Khorne, Mark of Khorne, Shield, Banner of Rage (BSB), Soul feeder, Dispel Scroll, Talisman of Protection

+ Core +
* Chaos Warriors
Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer
* 24x Chaos Warrior
Halberds, Mark of Khorne, Shields, Banner of Swiftness
* Marauder Horsemen
Marauder Chieftain, Musician, Standard Bearer
* 5x Marauder
Light Armour , Shields, Throwing axes

+ Special +
* Chaos Knights
Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer
* 10x Knight
Enscrolled Weapons, Mark of Khorne, Ranger's Standard

+ Rare +
* Hellcannon
3x Chaos Dwarfs
* Skullcrushers of Khorne
Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer,
* 4x Skullcrushers of Khorne
4x Enscrolled Weapons, Lichbone Pennant

16-04-2014, 16:34
I played a Khorne army a lot in 6th, but I took a long break from Warhammer and I've just played a few games under 8th rules, so take with salt.

Banner of rage, IMO is silly. If you lose combat, you're in deep caca already. If you lose combat and run, the BSB is dead, so the banner doesn't help you at all.

I have a similar setup, with BSB on Jugger in the Skullcrushers unit, but I gave him the Obsidian Lodestone, instead of a banner, so the whole unit has MR 3 (of course he can't leave the unit, or they become spellbait, but I'd rather a 4+ save against magic with some restrictions to a 6+ save with the freedom to move the character).

I then gave the unit the Ranger standard. I'm not sure how that will play out as I haven't played with it yet, but my opponents love to hide their squishy and valuable units behind forests and such, so I'm hoping it will come in handy.

IMO 10 knights in a unit is a waste. Better to have 2 units of 5 (I generally run 2 units of 6). Back rank models only get one attack and Khorne lives or dies on the attack rolls, not extra ranks.

If you give your Marauder Horsemen light armor they lose the fast cav rule. IMO you need them to stay fast cav, so I'd ditch the armor.

The only reason to take a champion in a unit is if you want to avoid challenges with your character sometimes. Otherwise they're just going to waste themselves on unit champions.

IMO the Hellcannon doesn't make too much sense, since you're charging across full-tilt to get into combat, so you won't get many clean shots, but that might just be my purist side speaking.

Warhounds are awesome chaff. 30 points a unit (or 40 with vanguard) and they can easily save a unit of knights from being flank charged, take out war machines, or just force him to deploy his good stuff before you deploy yours. In a 2500 point list I take 7 units of them. I can't count the number of times my opponent has made serious deployment mistakes because all he sees is a wall of dogs facing him.

19-04-2014, 20:59
Drachen said a lot of good stuff. Well, the hellcannon does provide something that can get to eventual archers even if your cav is blocked.

There's some things you could do to theme your army a bit more, as its where your heart belongs, is do that.

Consider Valkia. Not a bad general choice per se, and she will make sure that the unit that is most likely to break, won't break. She is ofc cannon fodder unless you take care.
Give some more units that MoK. Doesn't make sense to call it a Horne army when 3 of your units don't have the mark.
Wolves. Great ppm. and very khornish.
Hellcannon isn't very khorne. More skull crushers, 2 units.

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King Arthur
19-04-2014, 21:23
Just gonna say this now you can't have a dispel scroll on a chaos lord and you can't take magic items on a bsb with magic banner. Personally would have replaced the marauder horseman for dogs alot cheaper and more point efficient. I find that heroes on juggers are alot better value than lords as the jugger gives a hero an extra wound I also agree with previous comments upon the banner of rage. Again you can't have a dispel scroll upon a non hero wizard and no duplicates let alone going over points on the hero 50pts magic item allowance. I also feel your hell cannon may not get much shooting in as your army is pretty quick. Otherwise I quite like the list.