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16-04-2014, 18:29
Im trying to come up with a 3,500 point list for a game in a couple weeks. Still pretty new to high elves. Here's what i've got so far. Contructive critisism would be appreciated.

- teclis -450 - using one spell from each lore

- mage: lvl 2, dispell scroll, power gem -190
- noble: bsb, halberd, armour of silvered steel -142

-50x lsg: shields, full command -630
-24x spearmen: full command. -246

-33x phoenix guard: full command, razord standard -570
-21x sword masters: full command, banner of swiftness. -318

2x eagles: shredding talons - 110
2x bolt throwers - 140
10x sisters of avelorn -140
Frostheart phoenix -240
Frostheart phoenix -240

Total: 3416

I plan on putting teclis with the lsg and the noble and mage with the phoenix guard. Thanks!

17-04-2014, 18:04
If I'm honest you need the BotwD if you are putting casters in big units. Also, the sword masters are very low in number as many units you face at this points level will likely have 30-40 models.

17-04-2014, 23:15
I thought about using it instead of the razor standard on the PG. I'll be playing a dark elf player that doesny typically use many offensive spells. At least anything that i could use the BotWD save against. Im taking the lore of high magic on the mage to help with increase the ward save of the PG. I
Plan on using the sword masters with one of the phoenixs. By no means am i gonna run them into a horde of executioners but i think the swordmasters and phoenix team would be a good smaller unit
Hunter or even flankers for my main units.

18-04-2014, 09:13
I think BotWD is useful not only against enemy spells but to help survive miscasts. So you can 6 dice something you really need and not really worry about the consequences. Ok even if you dont run the SMs into bigger units (which makes sense), there will be bigger units that can shoot them up. Still might be worth putting some more bodies in there to allow some to get into combat!