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16-04-2014, 17:40
Here is my 2000 pts list for some friendly games! My gaming groups is somewhat competative while still trying out different army lists. I'll probably only face Lizardmen, O&G and Dark Elves.
I'm looking for a nice mix of competativeness and random fun!

Lords: 500 pts.

Grey Seer. Screaming Bell, Fencers Blades, Earthing Rod. 500 pts.

Heroes: 207 pts.

Chieftan. BSB, Heavy Armor, Hand Weapon, Shield. 72 pts.

Warlock Engineer. Level 1, Dispell Scroll, Hand Weapon. 90 pts.

Warlock Engineer. Doom Rocket, Hand Weapon. 45 pts.

Core: 564

Clanrats. 40. Full Command, Light Armor, Hand Weapons, Shields. 200 pts.

Clanrats. 40. Full Command, Light Armor, Hand Weapons, Shields. 200 pts.

Slaves. 40. Musician, Hand Weapons. 82 pts.

Slaves. 40. Musician, Hand Weapons. 82 pts.

Special: 264 pts.

Rat Ogres. 6. Packmasters. 3. Packmasters have Light Armor, Whip, Hand Weapon. 264 pts.

Rare: 465 pts.

Hell Pit Abomination. 225 pts.

Doomwheel. 150 pts.

Warp Lightning Cannon. 90 pts.

Total: 2000 pts.

The Screaming Bell and the Rat Ogres are going to become a mainstay in all my lists. I just love the models to much to care about anything else.

Any suggestions on how I could improve this to be more fun and yet remain competative?

16-04-2014, 20:18
This is a great skaven list. Id say one thing could be maybe more pts could be spent on warlock engineers or on helping out with your infantrys morale.

fairy drowner
16-04-2014, 20:39
Lookin' good but i would suggest one small thing, take out the rat ogres, they do no tend to be very helpful because they die too quickly and too easily. However if you like the models and are mainly playing for the fun of it then by all means keep them in there as they are really col models but i find they are slightly too pricey for what they do.

17-04-2014, 01:39
List is fun and competitive imo.

Things I would change:
-I hate Rat Ogres. I would drop them for some weapons teams on the clan rats.
-Increase Slave units to about 55-65. I usually use 2 units of 65, but that's in 2,500 pt games.
-Drop the shields on the clan rats. Increase Slaves add weapon teams.
-Consider adding gutter runners. Very annoying, very strong when kitted out with poison.

17-04-2014, 03:19
You might want to increase the size of the slave blocks, or run minimum size units. Having 40 slaves means that there are not enough of them to stay steadfast for long enough for you to get into position.

You might want to run the rat ogres as 2 groups of 2 and use the points to get a weapon team.

The French Guy
17-04-2014, 10:15
Seems like a good list to me! :)

As said above, I would take 2 blocks of 60 slaves.
Then I would use 2 blocks of 20 naked clanrats, only to field 2 warpfire throwers or Poisonwind mortars.
I would deploy the Bell in one of those units, behind the slaves, so you could drop fencer blades, I would put the BSB in the same unit, no need of shield.
I prefer having a power scroll than an earthing rod, it allows me to pass the dreaded 13th at least once every game and makes my opponent sweat.

Having a couple of engineers with Brass orb and super-poison globe could be fun and add more firepower to throw at the opponent glued by the slaves.
Having rat ogres+ HPA+ DW give you some hammers, that's good.
Hope it helps!

18-04-2014, 18:51
Dropping shields gives u enough to add in another engineer , swap the dispel scroll to him and give the L1 the condenser. Better lightning bolts and more channeling chances are always nice

I like 50 blocks for slaves. Add musician for 102 per. Clan rats I only do more than minimum if I'm going to have a fighty warlord in there. Otherwise clan rats are bunkers of 20+PWM.

3 50 packs of slaves w 2 groups of 20 naked clan rats + a pair of PWMs would work. Whichever is the bsb bunker can have shields too

18-04-2014, 22:39
Upping the slaves to 50 strong is something I've considered. I'm not going higher than that though.
The 40 clanrat block is for the bell to sit in. The Powerscroll is something I've thought about but I like the Earthing Rod more since I have NEVER rolled anything but 2-4 on the first roll of a misscast table.

Regarding the Warplocks, I thought you needed to be a caster to use dispell scrolls?

Rat Ogres stay were they are, they have a devestating mental effect on my game group. They are to date the only unit to survive a charge from my friends Cold One Knights and slaughter all 10 of them in return, the unit is now unironically called Roid Ogres.

On the shields I actually might get rid of them since everything I face gets high enough str to disregard shield and light armor entirely. Missing out on the 6+ parry is bad but more bodies and more equipment looks like a better deal now that I think about it.

Back to the drawing board!

24-04-2014, 11:23
keep the rat ogres, I would only suggest to keep them behind a unit for 2 turns. Just dont get shot, if your in CC with full unit size then its fine! Also, yes gutter runners are good, a unit of 8 would do perfectly alongside your army. I would honestly just drop the second warlock engineer and buy more toys for your core units.

All skaven players rageeeee if you equip slaves/clanrats with anything but still.

24-04-2014, 19:16
Regarding the Warplocks, I thought you needed to be a caster to use dispell scrolls?

Yeah my bad