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17-06-2006, 01:20
Sacred host of Huanchi. 1000 pts.
There should be a 750 pts army to go in between the previous 500 pts army featuring my favorite Priest Kenny. Someday I'll play and post a battle-report about it as well. Right now the initial fluffy background for the list is that the 750 scout force returned back with confirmed sightings of encroaching Pointyears(Wood Elves) and the high priest dispatched a small force to mop them up. Scouts and aerial support was the preferred method as the opponent seemed to be every bit as elusive as the Lizardmen blessed by Huanchi. After the previous encounter(750 pts battle) Kenny finally gets acknowledged for its magical prowess and is allowed to borrow a magical trinket as a boon. The Scar-veteran(Currently aptly named ???) insists on leading the force, no doubt foreseeing an opportunity to rake in some personal honour in the name of its patron deity. A group of Chameleon skinks also volunteers to accompany the army. Two Salamanders are transferred from the city defences as is a group of skinks. The three initial units of Skinks( one scouting) are probably a bit more seasoned by now, no longer so keen on proving their worth and instead just trying to stay alive and carry out the Oldones plans according to the high priest. The three Kroxigor brothers(Snap, Crackle and Pop) were needed elsewhere and will probably return in larger battles to come.

Scar-veteran ??? 163 pts
Light Armour, Shield, Great Weapon
Jaguar Charm
Glyph necklace
Blessed Spawning of Huanchi

Skink Priest Kenny 115 pts
lvl.2 mage
Dragonfly of Quicksilver

14 Skinks( Scouts, Blowpipes) 98 pts
13 Skinks(Javelins&Shields) 78 pts
13 Skinks(Javelins&Shields) 78 pts
13 Skinks(Blowpipes) 78 pts
5 Chameleon Skinks 75 pts
5 Terradons(Champion) 185 pts
2 Salamanders 130 pts

2 Characters, 4 Core units, 2 Special, 1 Rare. Should be a bit of magic with 2 spells and 4 dice to cast them with. Just having 2 dispel dice and no Scrolls might be a risk but I don't feel it is warranted to throw in another priest because of it. Trying to keep it a bit more fluffy than usual. Without the Leadership of a scar-vet this army would be very brittle, it still lacks any real backbone making it rather weak against ranked units or heavy shooting.