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22-04-2014, 09:56
Hi there new to warhammer posted this on introduction forums but didn't get a reply just thought I'd come get some advice and tactics on my army from some vets here's my strategy so far

20 black orcs including grimgor iron hide drummer bsb

20 savage orcs big uns including shaman drummer bsb big boss

60 night goblins including shaman musician netters bsb warboss fanatics

30 orcs including bsb drummer and big boss

2 rock lobbers

1 doom diver

im not sure about all the items you give your units because I don't know how it works maybe some one could explain thanks there's still room for more units just want people's opinions on what I could do better

22-04-2014, 17:29
There is an orcs and goblins tactics thread, this probably belongs in there, also if you haven't read it you should.

Second, you can read snottlebockets battle reports thread.

Third, check out Mrmalorians' youtube channel.

The only advice I would give is that your savage orc, and black orc units are too small.

22-04-2014, 19:51
Okie dokie thanks appreciate it :)

19-05-2014, 00:55
Did the OnG Tactica thread die? I can't find it, and the one linked in the sticky thread is for 7th ed.

19-05-2014, 05:42
The problem is probably that you need to select the option to show threads from up to 75 days ago. But since I had to find it myself to make sure it was still around- here you go.
http://http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?295390-8th-Edition-Orc-amp-Goblin-Armybook-Tactics (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?295390-8th-Edition-Orc-amp-Goblin-Armybook-Tactics)

19-05-2014, 06:25
That thread is pretty big and cluttered but here's my take on Orcs & Goblins (for beginners).

About myself - avid collector and player of all things Green for many a happy decade now - my own army has hit around 15,000pts and is officially done - unless we get new units with a new army book! I also play them competitively on the tournament scene having used (successfully) an all Gobbos army for many a year plus now.

Essence of Warhammer 8th Ed

Having played 8th Ed I have come to the conclusion that practically any army boils down to a few constituent parts.

General - Always a given! They come as:

Frontline General - this fellow leads from the front! As such is kitted out to be a combat monster, can take a hit so needs items to help him/her survive. 4+ ward saves, tricks like fencers blades to get WS10 with glittering scales so most enemy models hit back on 5+ or 6+.

Helper General - this fellow is there to lend out his/her leadership to the army to keep it functioning and as such is not required to hit anything! Can be kept cheap and cheerful. Gamewise keep them out of trouble!

Magic Castor 2-4-1 general - Can only afford a single lord choice? Take a level 4 and have him/her zap spells, grant some ok-ish leadership to the army but you run the risk of losing your general with a bad miscast OR getting them killed in combat. Ward saves are key as are other items to keep them alive for as long as possible.

Now as Orcs & Goblins go we're aces as we can quite easily get ALL of the above in a 2500pt list and not break our budget! For e.g. Orc Warbosses make EXCELLENT frontline generals - I tend to give them armor of destiny, shield, and then a magic weapon to get a 4+ save, 4+ ward, and some hefty punch in combat! Augment with some spells and they are ready to go! Lower initiative also means you can sometimes get away with a simple great weapon - as if you are going to hit last may as well hit really hard!
Helper General is easy peesy too, especially as we have more units than is the norm for most armies - so keeping them out of the front isn't that bad. However thanks to animosity we may not always be able to - as sometimes the unit decides to declare a charge DESPITE your best wishes! I keep this kind of lord AS CHEAP as possible - as if he sees combat I've done something wrong.
Castor General is typically, for me, a Level 4 Night Goblin shaman OR a Savage Orc Shaman with shrunken head and fencers blades. Note I don't use both as it's really hard to feed both castors enough dice in a turn, though I do like a back up level 2 of the opposite race (so primary orc, secondary gobbo - or vice versa)


Bunker Unit - This unit's job is to hold a character and keep out of trouble! In my case I've been using a unit of 49 Night Goblins, command, netters, fanatic, with spears to hold my level 4. As it's a bunker unit I don't play aggressive moves with it - it's there to keep that character alive, and as such I don't factor the unit into my plans for eventual combat. HOWEVER the unit is still decent enough that in a pinch I can plug gaps in my lines - but mostly it's a unit to just absorb enemy firepower//spells while it keeps the individual alive. Sometimes, in games where I don't face enemy template weapons or I have really good line of sight blocking, my character will abandon the unit and so now it's a disposable unit (see below). My other bunker unit is a unit of 45 Gobbos with bows, shields, command, 3 skulkers - they sit with a Gobbo BSB with a spider banner and the General who has a 4++ ward and a great axe - I don't send this unit into combat UNLESS desperate - but in the mean time it peppers people with 32 volley shots (7 wide, 7 deep) that are poisoned - and on a 5+ if I get spider spell on them! If someone runs into them I have THREE skulkers to jump out and minimize damage taken to the actual unit - and as long as my general lives they have pretty decent leadership (well 8, which is decent for Gobbos).

Combat units - a unit designed to throw at the enemy and grind them down - and a unit we're totally happy to see die so long as it does it job! In this case we are SPOILED for choice! Savage Orc Big Uns, Black Orcs, Squig Herds, Night Goblins with Night Goblin heroes wielding great axes! Point and click and then keep on pointing and clicking until either your unit dies OR the enemy dies! Troll Hordes are also VERY effective.

Disposables - every army has it's share of throw away units and we're king of this! These units are designed to either scare the enemy (and therefore waste time and energy killing them), like chariots, Trolls, squig hoppers, mangler squig, pump wagons, etc, OR units to deny the enemy movement freedom such as our wolf riders/spider riders. I also tack Giants and Arachnorks into here as disposable units - their job is to scare the enemy into killing them - allowing our blocks of infantry to march up and win their combats

My personal play style is that I am willing to let my ENTIRE army drop and die so long as the general/BSB/bunker unit live to see the end - providing I take out more of the enemy than I lose!!!


We have them all and they do a great job - and are cheap. As such they can be our downfall as we can invest a LOT of points into these machines and suddenly not have enough ground troops to get the job done.

Doom Divers are aces, 2 spear chukkas are brilliant, and a rock lobba rocks - so far I've just used 2 spear chukkas as I play a more aggressive style and don't want to dedicate resources to protect my war machines.

Unit Sizes

Sadly we don't have much in the way of armor! My best is a 5+ save for Gobbos and a 4+ for Black Orcks - but mostly not the case! So keeping this in mind I suggest...

50 Gobbos minimum for any unit designed to get anywhere close to the front line. 25 is ok for a bunker that's going to stay WAY BAAAACCCKKK - but so risky! Orcs can go as low as 30 but 40-50 is decent. However with units like Black Orcs and Savage orc big uns that's a hefty premium.

Fast cav I'm happy with minimum of 5's - as they are there to die anyway!

You have a pretty good beginners list - and while not optimal it's far from shabby. Ideally do with even 10 more Savages but I've ran 20 before and not had any issues.

With your collection I'd run the 30 Orcs as the bunker unit to keep the general and BSB alive, while leaving black orcs/savages free as your combat units. I'd also load up some cheap Goblin heroes (and why not, a gobbo lord) to add punch and teeth to the Gobbos.

Your badly missing disposables - and you need chaff like Wolf Riders and Spider Riders - lucky for you the box comes with 10 models each. Your also lacking a monster hard hitter - this could be fixed by taking Trolls, massive Spider, of the humble and much maligned Giant - which just so happens to be my MVP! Giants are great - and I think I'm the ONLY interwebz person to think that.

Good luck

19-05-2014, 14:43
All of the orcs and goblins units are very cheap in points which means you can take a large army (good thing). In 8th edition you need at least 2 if not 3 combat blocks. That means around 60 goblins, or 40 orcs in a unit with a character to do damage, provide LD, or special rules.

Then you need chaff and chaff killers.

you want units of 5-10 wolf riders, 5-10 spider riders, goblin chariots, orc chariots , a unit of 1 troll etc which can run around and get in people's way. Its a complex strategy but everyone does it now.

To get rid of these units you can use chaff units with slightly larger sizes or flying units.

then you probably want at least 2 war machines because in Orcs and goblins these are very cheap.

You probably dont want special characters in your first lists as they are usually expensive in points and need specific uses to be good. That said, you do want a battle standard bearer, a general (probably warboss), and a lvl 4 wizard (or maybe 2 level 2's).

Thatd be a decent start to get going with.