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23-04-2014, 15:01
How does Base to base contact work when a unit is in a building? If the model with the rule is touching the building then all in the building count as being in B2B or none of them? What about if the model goes in as one of the assaulting party? What if they don't go in but are still in contact with the building?

Death Hag's Cry of War , models in conatct roll fear tests with a -3 LD.
Flaming body?, models in contact take flaming hits
Medusa's gaze - models pass an initiative test or hit taken
Sisters of Slaughter - One unit in contact loses . . etc.

I can't find any rules governing this but have a semi house rule for the guys in our main groups that agree enough. If someone knows the rules on this please help or otherwise even a house rule or idea would be welcome.

The house rule I heard the most is if the model goes in on the assault it hits/effects the 10 models taking the assault. This seems to be fair for the cry and sisters effects but not for the auto hits effects. If ogre were in a building or something like Saurus or Dwarfs send in 1 Medusa could wipe them out fast.

23-04-2014, 17:06
You are in btb contact with one enemy model, chosen by your opponent.
It's under the building section in the brb - terrain - buildings - fighting the assault - special attacks.

23-04-2014, 18:05
Ah thank you. So as long as that model goes in effects like fear effect the unit inside if they effect one model then? (if the rule says unit in base to base with the model). So for my examples. Cry of war works as normal if the hag goes in. The special ability of the Sisters wouldn't work as normal do to the rule saying "base to base with the unit" but the Medusa gaze and flaming body only hit 1 model?

23-04-2014, 19:29
Well, you don't get rank bonuses anyway in building assaults, so the sisters ability doesn't matter.
The cry of war would work as normal.
And yea, medusa/flaming body/the nurgle thingy/etc will only hit one model