View Full Version : Cataclysm spells that remain in play...

24-04-2014, 09:55
Hi folks,

Unusual situation cropped up last night in a game of Storm of Magic. Early in the game, my opponent cast a Remains in Play cataclysm spell, "return of the golden age", which is an Equilibrium spell. However, soon afterwards, he lost a fulcrum, and later lost both fulcrums.

My question is, would the spell continue, or would it end, as he no longer had equilibrium? Looking at the rules, we could only find references to needing presence or equilibrium to cast, so we agreed that the spell would remain in play. I'm pretty sure we played it right, but I thought I'd better just check that I hadn't missed anything.

P.s. I heartily recommend Storm of Magic to anyone who hasn't played it. There's no feeling quite like pushing a load of monsters around the table!

24-04-2014, 10:38
I don't have the brb with me, but if its stops working when you lose the spell it should say so in the brb under the reason why a rip spell ends.