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26-04-2014, 09:59
During a Night Goblin charge their fanatics are released at 8" from th enemy and they move through the enemy causing more than 25% casualties. Do they flee from the fanatic or wait and get a kicking from th Goblins too? If they flee from the fanatics, given that fanatics move through the enemy unit and stop one inch beyond, which direction does the enemy flee? Because they still have Goblins charging at them.

Is all this worked out immediately in the declare charges phase or in the close combat phase?

Also, in the opposite situation, if an enemy unit charges night goblins causing their fanatics to be released and the fanatics do 25% casualties does the enemy stop their charge and flee immediately before even reaching the Goblins?

Thanks for any advice. I just find the rules a little vague around fanatics.

Invincible Sword Goddess
26-04-2014, 10:34
Upon moving within 8'' the chargers stop and hold in place until the fanatics and all resulting panic tests are resolved.

The unit will take a panic test immediately after suffering 25% casualties. If they fail they will run immediately, before the goblins finish their charge.

I THINK the flee move is directly away from the fanatics position after stopping, although it is possible that it will be the point where they first contact the unit. Neither the Army Book nor the FAQ seem to address this issue. If all else fails move them directly away from the closest enemy unit.

If the unit's flee move takes them into another fanatic they will kill the fanatic and suffer a further 2d6 hits. If their flee move takes them into contact with the night goblins they will need to take difficulty terrain tests.

The night goblins may then complete their charge, and if they contact the enemy the enemy is destroyed.

I BELIEVE that if the panicked unit is now in a position where a single 90 degree wheel could not take them into contact with the fleeing unit the charge will fail, but I don't know how to resolve this if they have already moved further than their failed charge distance.

26-04-2014, 11:05
Panic tests from 25% casualties are taken immediately, fleeing from whatever caused the most damage.

26-04-2014, 11:13
Panic tests from 25% casualties are taken immediately, fleeing from whatever caused the most damage.

Think the issue is, do the affected unit flee away from the point the fanatic hit them or do they flee from the point the fanatic ends its move.

Issue being if they flee away from the fanatics end point, they'll be fleeing toward the charging unit, more or less automatically being destroyed. If they flee away from the point the fanatic hit them, they'll be fleeing back through the fanatic as they run away.

Either way seems a little unsatisfactory.

Most reasonable way would seem to be flee's away from the point fanatic hit and then fanatic is placed 1" behind where the unit was before it fled.

Of course if the unit only flee's 2" where then do you place the fanatic, back in the unit?

Its not really very well explained.