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26-04-2014, 20:36
So, I found that my Empire are not to my liking once I started playing with them really. I love my VC, but I like having two armies and so I am selling off my Empire and think I am going to pick up High Elves. I am trying to narrow down a starting force for my purchases, how does this list look? Input appreciated!

Anointed of Assuryan - ogre blade, enchanted shield, dawnstone, other trickster's shard
Archmage, level 4 (I will figure out spell synergies later) - book of hoeth, talis of endurance

Noble - BSB, sword of might, charmed shield, luckstone, dragon armor
Mage, level 2 - dispel scroll

6 reavers
6 reavers
24 Lothern Sea Guard, full command (4 ranks of 6)
15 archers

21 Phoenix Guard, full command, razor standard (Annointed, level 4 mage, and Noble BSB all go here)

10 sisters (level 2 mage here)
EC Bolt Thrower
EC Bolt Thrower
Frost Phoenix
Great Eagle

I am considering swapping to the Flamspyre Phoenix, as my local meta is heavy with horde armies (3 Skaven, 3 lizard men, 1-2 VC) and the fly over can be devastating for those.

28-04-2014, 07:04
Looks intresting. I havent used the Anointed of Assuryan before. The level 4 with book of Hoeth is always a pretty good bet.

It looks to me like you have put a few too many points in your character selections. I usually just go for one main character Mage or CC and then a BSB. As you are looking at 2500 the extra Lv 2 seems like an ok choice. Although the book of Hoeth provides a pretty good magic defence. Down to how much magic you face in your meta I guess.

With core I have had lots of success with units of 10 archers. Can kill chaff and run around other things. Reavers are also very good at this, although units of 5 might be better to save you a little money if nothing else. Sea guard are ok, I have had mixed results with them. Tend to find they need magic or hero support to do much.

It looks like you are lacking a little punch overall. The Phoenix Guard are great but struggle to out kill some of the nasty stuff.

My usual list goes something like this;

Level 4 mage - Dispel Scroll

BSB - Armour of Caledor and GW

3x 10 Archers - Standard and Musician

1 x 12 Archers - Standard and Musician

27 White Lions

20 Phoenix Guard

3x Bolt Thrower

2x Eagles

That is around 1900 Points. Add additional special items to suit. Keeping your mage as cheap as possible can catch people off guard. I like using a lore of fire with a dispel scroll and putting them in some archers. White lions scare people, BSB goes with them. Phoenix guard can hold stuff up really well.

Could offer better advice if you gave an idea of how you wanted them to play.

Hope that helped a little.