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17-06-2006, 14:30
Greetings! My friends and I have begun a trench warfare project (my attempt at escaping CoD), where my friend and I are each building one trench, I'm building an Orky Trench, and he's building an Imperial one (more toward the IG side rather than SM, because we both hate SM's with a passion.).

I figured that my speed freeks wouldn't really cut it for trench warfare, so I'm taking them apart and building a (near) all-infantry army! My only problem with this is that it would have a bunch of orks that would all look the same...

My inspiration came when my friend and I were discussing the texturing of the board. We decided that we would break up the brown with patches of snow. I got to thinking and it became clear that I had to do a Russian Ork army!

I started with a test model with the goal of keeping the conversion noticeable but simple (I would have to repeat this almost a hundred times, so it couldn't be complicated) I resorted to using furs, which were easy enough to make (just making lines with a sculpting tool) and proved to have a cool result.


After doing him, I got a bit fur-crazy, and decided to work on my brother's old warboss... I gave him a hat, and fur on his shoulder armor. This set him apart, and tied him in at the same time, which was just what I wanted. He's still very much WIP. I still have to re-do his arms and whatnot


Lastly I decided to work on something that didn't involve GS, and tried out what would become my Lobbas- The Grokets (Grot+Rocket=Groket)
This is WIP, as I need the bitz I ordered from GW to get here so I can put some crewmen with them... They will consist of 1 grot on the base, and one on his own (for casualty purposes)


For those of you that saw my Nurgle LatD project, this army will come along conciderably faster because I've got more time on my hands now that school's out!

That's all for now, so tell me what you think!

When Black Roses Bloom
17-06-2006, 14:57
Kewl! I too love soviet/russian armies and had a though by looking the orks. If you have in mind in making some sort of an APC for those boyz, then make a soviet propaganda car, like the one shown in "Enemy At The Gates" movie, having a bunch of boyz hanging from it and maybe convert those shootas like the PPS machine gun. Soviet crude (orky style) stars on the helmets/caps would also look great.


The PPSH sub machine-gun


17-06-2006, 16:02
Have a look on www.flamesofwar.com the online store has their range of russian vehicles etc. There are a few articles on russian battles with photos for inspiration, www.battlefield.ru likewise.

ppsh submachine guns on the orks - theres even a shooter with a drum magazine i think. An orky Katyusha would be a fun conversion for a lobba, even a cheap 1/35 russian tank kit with lots of orky tank riders for a battle waggon.
Look for pics of a KV2 heavy tank - about the most orky looking tank i can think of!

19-06-2006, 12:52
Excellent idea!
Maybe even an NKVD Officer (Ork Nob) with a nagaika style whip!


I couldn't find a better picture. :p


Edit: Missed a D from NKVD.

19-06-2006, 19:53
nice. maybe you could buy some forgeowld grot rockets, they'd be good in trench warfare. anything that goes up, then down, or can fight good in CC, one on one style...

19-06-2006, 23:14
In actual fact, there's an Ork Shoota with a Drum Magazine just like the PPSH... My Blood Axes use nothing but (Big Mek Krashsnik has picked up the Imperial habit of Mass Production) and if you do a mob of Shoota Boyz (or Flash Gits perhaps) armed with nothing but that would look pretty Russian.