View Full Version : 2000pts Lizardmen - Carnosaur, Tetto and lots of Skinks

28-04-2014, 19:58
I'm just starting Lizardmen and thought I'd get a 2000 point list sorted so that I know what I'm building towards. Here's what I've come up with:

Saurus Old Blood - Carnosaur with Roar and Stride, Armour of Destiny, Dawn Stone, Other Trickster's Shard, Great Weapon

Skink Priest - Lv1 Beasts, Dispel Scroll
Skink Chief - BSB, Light Armour, Javelin, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Battle, Potion of Strength

14 x Skink Cohorts - Standard, Musician, 1 Kroxigor
19 x Skink Cohorts - Standard, Musician
19 x Skink Cohorts - Standard, Musician

10 x Skink Skirmishers - Javelins
10 x Skink Skirmishers - Javelins

9 x Chameleon Skinks

Bastiladon - Solar Engine

Ancient Stegadon - Sharpened Horns

Salamander - 4 Crew


Skink Priest and Chief will be going in the 19 strong Cohort units deployed 10 wide for maximum shots. The Potion of Strength should hopefully let me surprise something that charges that unit with a S7 Javelin shot and then 4 S7 attacks in close combat at initiative 6/7.

Tetto would be deployed in the unit with the Kroxigor behind the main lines. The Kroxigor gives that unit some punch if something does manage to charge it but also increases the units leadership to 7 and means that fewer skinks are hit if he miscasts.

Salamander would be getting Vanguarded thanks to Tetto to get some early burning in and the Chameleon Skinks would be targetting any warmachines. If I face an opponent who castles up with warmchines Tetto will be throwing 6 dice at a boosted Comet to show them the error of their ways :)

Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions. I love the Carnousaur model so that's the only thing that I'd like to keep, everything else I'm happy to change.

29-04-2014, 18:08
Be wary of shooting because 19 skinks will die VERY easily. I mean I took 50 the other day and they got hammered with shooting sooooo fast. Also, in combat they will die even quicker. Take laaarge units of skinks. You want to make as few ld rolls as possible.