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29-04-2014, 05:30
So I already play empire and TK, not really known for elite beatstick units (except for demigryphs, which I don't use), but I have a thing for Tz, so I painted a few models a few years ago...and I'm thinking about expanding that into an actual army...as soon as I finish what I'm working on with guard and sisters over in 40k, since existing armies take priority. How does this look?


L4 Sorceror Lord with MoT, disc, scaly, 3rd eye, talpres, forbidden rod.

He's out there alone and unafraid on his disc, but with a 2+/3++ (rerolling ones on ward), and with so many other things that desperately need cannon fire, I'm not really worried about that. The main thing is, it's fluffy as hell, IMHO, to throw him out there on a disc, and the rod...well, he takes a wound on a 2, or on a 1-2 if he gets a 1. And cheesing out extra power dice...yeah, nother point for Tzeentch.


BSB, MoT, TalEnd, Enchanted Shield. 2+/4++, solid survivability. Goes in the warriors.

Throgg. One of my favorites, and core trolls at his LD (not to mention the doggies) is nice.


24 warriors with MoT, shields, standard of discipline, full command. Anvil and BSB bus.

6 trolls

6 trolls

5 hounds

5 hounds

5 hounds. These are dummy drops. The BSB bus location is probably determined before the first unit drops, so I have four drops before I have to deploy trolls or knights. Should give me a decent picture of the enemy's intentions.


15 Knights with FC, blasted, MoT, ensorcelled blades.

Should I take lore of metal or lore of Tzeentch? Tz is more direct damage, but there's a lot of good stuff in metal...enchanted blades on the knights when they're fighting other knights? glittering robe on the warriors? Really, the hounds are the only bad spell, and that's what the signature spell is for...

It'd cost a fortune, but I'd be using LotR trolls...two units each, consisting of "the trolls" from the hobbit, a hill troll chieftain, a mordor/isengard troll, and a cave troll. The "mordor troll chieftain" can be throgg...cost? $411 for 13 trolls! Other than that, I'd currently be short 10 knights, 10 hounds, and a warrior...yeah, one warrior, I used one to make a BSB. Good thing I can get a box of three for $10. My overall cost would be ~500, and almost all of it for some really awesome trolls...

30-04-2014, 06:11
I should probably add that the knights are 6x2+3, they come in boxes of five, but six wide seems best, and three extra bodies (well, four) is good insurance against losing disruption...