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Lord Xcapobl
29-04-2014, 13:50
A quick rules development related question, or two. Maybe three.

I am designing my own Space Marine Chapter. However, as it is a chapter that was lost in a Warp storm for a seriously long time (so it would be more of a Legion offshoot anyways), I want to use the Codex Chaos Space Marines for their basic rules, wargear, and squads. So far, I have done a little work, such as renaming the squads, eliminating clearly chaotic troop types (so no daemon allies, or Warp Talons, Plague Marines or daemon weapons). In a certain way. I kept everything that could be a basic, if somewhat archaic, space marine. But then the rules struck.

Now, I have a background for this army, where they do not receive Chaos Marks, but certain blessings with basically them very same effect on the game. Ruleswise, nothing changes. The Chaos Boon table, except for spawndom or daemon princehood, can also be incorporated entirely. Who is to say that this chapter of old doesn't have a very active Betcher's Gland, and as such can have poisoned weapons, or an increased efficiency Biscopea to justify the Strength increase? If these models get a Boon rule later on, meh. They simply forgot to turn that equipment on, or the rush of hormones just kicked in. For that ranged weapon that gets a +1 to Strength, the Champion just slammed in a new ammo cartridge with slightly better bolter shells or more volatile flamer fuel. But that still leaves me with spawndom and princehood. I think, but that is still very preliminary, I might just keep those results, but also rename them. Any advice here?

In the same train of thought, I like what Veterans of the Long War does, but these guys should be fighting Chaos in all its forms, during their own long war. Would it be too much to change VotLW into Hatred for Chaos Space Marines and Daemons?

Despite using the Codex: Chaos Space Marines, I like this to be a force supporting the 'Good Guys and Gals'. Any thoughts on simply using the basic Space Marines allies matrix instead of the Chaos Space Marines one?

Just to give a hint of flavour...

'Sons of Horus' was already taken so they became the 'Sons of Ra'. Of course, they might be a Legion offshoot from either those other Sons, or even other a thousand other Sons with a slightly egyption style.
There is no Mark of Slaanesh, but troops may be given the Blessing of Bastet.
For the Glory of Ra would replace Veterans of the Long War.
Basic (Chaos) Space Marines troops would be able to exchange their boltguns for a close combat weapon. Because of a Tomb Kings army, I have plenty spare kopesh swords which are nicely themed close combat weapons.
No Hellbrutes, but Entombed Elders.
Powered Kopesh on a Terminator unit that is Blessed by Sekhmet, and as such have the Rage and Counter-Attack special rules?
Thinking of this, instead of a Daemon Prince I could probably have an Avatar of Ra. Now I only have to come up with some flavourful way of changing Spawndom into something fitting what I have already revealed.

Zark the Damned
29-04-2014, 15:26
tbh it sounds like you want to have your cake and eat it too. 'No Marks but they get these rules the same as the Marks', 'No Damons but they get this guy who has the stats of a Daemon Prince' and so on.

Just use themed minis and the Chaos Marine rules.

29-04-2014, 15:55
Or you could just use the Legion rules Forge World publish. I understand that they will eventually be releasing standalone codex-sized army lists under the Horus Heresy brand.

In fact, here it is: HH Crusade Army List (http://http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/New_Stuff/THE_HORUS_HERESY_LEGIONES_ASTARTES:_CRUSADE_ARMY_L IST.html).