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29-04-2014, 15:39

Rune smith - Shield, rune of spell breaking x 2, rune of furnace, rune of stone (leader)

Rune smith - Shield, rune of spell breaking x 2, rune of stone

Thane - BSB, Grungi, GW

Master engineer

Master engineer


Dwarf warriors (28) - GW, Full command

Dwarf warriors (29) - GW, Full command (1 rune smith here)


Cannon - rune of forging, rune of burning






Hammerers (19) - Standard, (BSB and lord here)


Organ gun - rune of accuracy

Organ gune - rune of accuracy, rune of burning

Rangers (5) master engineer

Rangers (5) master engineer


Basically castle style makes things come to me for the most part where I can counter with all my GW's

Rangers stop vangaurd units where they can and do some warmachine hunting

Gyro for flame and re-direct

My master engineers stand close to a cannon and organ gun to support with extra bs and re-roll artillary dice

So what do you all think?

29-04-2014, 16:11
What happens when wufrik comes on the board behind you while chaos knights bearing the blasted standard charge up the middle and three or four units of five marauder horsemen plus four of five units of chaos hounds flit around threatening your artillery? Or when three tomb scorpions and three units of sepulchral stalkers pop up outside your charge arc? The problem with a castle army is that you're surrendering the initiative to the enemy. I play empire with four warmachines and a few blocks of infantry to babysit them...but I also have blocks of knights to go out and do stuff instead of waiting around for the enemy to decide how to kill me.

You'd be in a world of pain against empire with three cannons and two steam tanks, as well. All they have to do is stay out of range of the organ guns, and their five cannons outnumber your three cannons. Add in a couple of volley guns to keep the gyrocopters at bay, and empire artillery PWNs dwarf artillery. With a 5-3 advantage in cannons to start the game, empire should win the artillery duel every time, and once the dwarf cannons are gone, empire continues to ignore your stunties and focuses on the organ guns and gyrocopters to rack up victory points.

I think you need some tough units that actually maneuver instead of sitting back. I know that's not what stunties are good at, but...

29-04-2014, 16:37
against chaos and wulfrik I woul have to set up in tight formation hugging the board edge to maybe the left or right he and his unit would have to fit to actually come out from behind. so Id have to set up depending on what I played against. Im not fully sure how wulfrik work but does he have to come in turn 2? also can he charge when he comes in or does he function as ambushers?

The empire i would put the grungi banner close to my war machines so they would be in a tighter formation to give my cannons a 5++ also I might have smaller army size so id probably get +1 to go first where my cannons would aim for his cannons. also I have rangers with the scout ability and gyros so I would try to fly up asap and get at them as soon as I can. it wont be easy but if I go first I will try to do as much damage as I can before he can. My main thing would be get you before you got me so hopefully my 5++ and im not sure how many re-roll the empire get but i get a good amount. So hopefully some of the empire cannons will be off mark (or blow them selves up) or get saved by my 5++.

I find with WHF its all about set up. Against the Dog I would have to do the same castle up to one side and give them no rooms to pop out also they come in on turn 2 on a 3+ so Id be able to get a few vollies off before they come in play.

29-04-2014, 22:49
So Wulfrik gives a unit of marauders that he joins ambushers. Castling in a corner would keep him at bay, but it also makes it really hard to sort out your war machines and such, since they have to have LOS to their targets, be 1" away from other units, and so on. I've had to deal with that with an artillery-based empire list, and it's a pain. Just be aware. Castling in a corner could also give the fast elements of the chaos list free reign to get around to your flank, where LOS issues give them some protection from the cannons.

Your response to empire sounds like it's based on hope and wishes, though. clustering the cannons around a ward save is scary, it means that the empire player can potentially bounce a single cannonball through multiple dwarf artillery pieces. I don't think the rangers are a threat to the empire, and the volley guns will swat your copters like flies. I dunno what I'd do in your shoes, but your response just sounds ineffective.

Against the dog? I'm confused...you didn't talk about TK, but it sounds like you could be talking about countering them...what you're saying won't work. They don't pick a deployment point until they actually come in, and then they scatter, but if they scatter into impassible terrain or under your unit, the scatter is reduced so they have 1" of clearance from the terrain/unit. Really really hard to counter, since they no longer declare a deployment point during the pre-game.

30-04-2014, 12:58
sorry by dogs I was referring to the chaos hounds.

those scorpions would be a real nussance I agree just need to find a way to midigate them can they charge when they pop up? If not when they come they would be met with a whole lot of OG's in the face

The positioning against the empire cannons I agree would have to be pretty accurate. But their cannons will no be able to hit more than one of my warmachines as 6" is still pretty decent when it comes to spreaking out 3 cannons beside each other would make it impossible to hit more than 1 unless some how the empire player have his cannons right beside mine on my table edge.

I'm not to familiar about vollyguns but I think this is a warmachines under the rare slot where the steam tanks are probabaly very similar to the OG still needs to hit and wound. If I'm not mistaken you could have 1 but this is going to be a huge point sink 2 steam tanks 3 cannons and a vollygun about 980pts?

Also I did try out to see what would happen 3 vs 5 scenario (with a ward save) if I go first I do well at taking his cannons out and the fact that the cannon ball can fly through the steam tank even if not killed would actually mean that I have a good chance at hitting 2 things (2 for 1 deal) re-roll came in real handy as they made sure I hit my target. Trying it out the same with the empire it was basically similar I would usually loose 2 cannons. Mind you I was rolling pretty good on both side. This leads me to believe who ever goes first has the advantage.

But just based on averages if all empire cannons (tanks included in this) shot I would say 3 out of the 5 will be a hit on my cannons with a 5++ 2 should go through and 1 should be killed out right (3 wounds a piece) just goes to show how good that actual ward save is not a hope really just averages. I think this is a fair average if the empire player goes first. If all 3 cannons from the dwarf side were to hit the empire cannons, 2 should hit but due to the re-roll 3 have a good change of hitting but lets say 2 go in and 1 empire cannon dies which is still good and havinig 3 gyros and 2 units of rangers right in the empire face should help as somthing will have to shoot them.

How will the empire kill 2 units of ranger and 3 gyros in 1 turn? The gyros should be on thier warmachines turn 2... but this discussion does make me want vanguard on those gyros hmmm.