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01-05-2014, 22:03
A question came up in my game the other day. I had 20 grave guard arranged in 2 ranks of 10 fighting against a single surviving chaos warrior and sorceror. Fighting them in the rear was a single surviving vargheist.

The grave guard got charged in the flank by two chariots, who popped 12 with impact hits and attacks. My vargheist finished off the combat with the warriors, and was left with no more enemies in close combat. However I lost combat by around 10, meaning that the 8 remaining grave guard popped. The question was whether the vargheist popped as well.

Page 61 of the BRB states:


In multiple combats it can sometimes happen that at the end of a round of close combat some units are no longer engaged with any enemy unit (normally because the unit they were engaged with has been completely destroyed). Such units are out of combat for all purposes and can move normally from then on. Any combat result points that unit would have added to the fight for wounds inflicted are still counted for the fight's overall combat resolution, but other bonuses, such as standards, charges and so on. are not. Note that such a unit cannot cancel out steadfast in an enemy.

The rules for Unstable on Page 98 state:


The magic that empowers Unstable creatures is prone to ebbing and flowing with the tide of battle. The more heavily beset the Unstable creatures are, the more likely that the magic that binds them will fade away.

Unstable units that lose a combat suffer one extra Wound for every point by which they lose the combat, with no saves


So an experienced player watching the table said that the vargheists would contribute their kills to combat resolution, but not their static bonus for fighting a unit in the rear (since that unit is no longer there). They are "out of combat for all purposes," but still "lost a combat" for the purposes of unstable. So they take wounds and pop as if they were still a part of the combat.

Now I've read the rules and can see how it could be interpreted that way, but doing so seems ridiculously unreasonable to me. The unit is "out of combat for all purposes." Calculating losses from unstable is a purpose. How does "no more foes" not then preclude unstable losses?


01-05-2014, 22:45
If they wouldn't have to take a morale test, they wouldn't have to suffer instability, right?

02-05-2014, 03:02
I believe if they are dragged out of combat by the No More Foes rule, they cease to be a party to the combat for purposes of Combat resolution except for the wounds they inflicted before being knocked out, thus the Combat resolution does not effect them.

02-05-2014, 05:18
The rule states they are no longer in combat and only their kills contribute to that combat phase, so I would say it doesn't pop

Invincible Sword Goddess
02-05-2014, 11:20
The rule states they are no longer in combat and only their kills contribute to that combat phase, so I would say it doesn't pop

Right. He is out of the combat the moment his foe is killed, and cannot be harmed by anything involved in the combat, although kills he already inflicted or suffered (but not any other of his modifiers) would still apply to any other units involved in the combat.

03-05-2014, 23:21
The rule says that if there is no more enemies, the unit wins the combat.


Sry, I miss read your post.
The rule is cristal clear, your Vargheist is out of combat for all purposes. Therebefore he doesnt must take a morale test (unstable in this case) nor flee or such things.