View Full Version : 2000 point Starter army. Noob

17-06-2006, 18:35
Sorceress-LV.2,Darkstar Cloak-150pts

Sorceress-LV.1,dispel scroll,biting blade 125pts (deployed with witch elves unit)

(General)Noble:Elven Steed,Armour of Darkness,Sword of Might 131pts

x16 Warriors-shields,standard bearer,Musician 143pts

x16 Warriors-shields,standard bearer,Musician 143pts

x5 Dark Riders-RXB's,Musician 127pts

x5 Dark Riders-RXB's,Musician 127pts

x11 Witch Elves-Standard Bearer 155pts

x12 Witch Elves-Standard Bearer 168pts

x12 Executioners-Standard Bearer,champion 156pts

x5 Cold One Knights-Musician 154pts

War Hydra 220pts

x2 Reaper Bolt Throwers 200pts


I would like advice thanx. :skull:

18-06-2006, 11:33
your list looks pretty good, a few pointers

a sorceress cannot join witch elves, the only characters allowed to join witch elves are assassins.

your general is probably better off with heavy armour, sheild and sea dragon cloak, it costs less points than the armour of darkness and also enables you to take more magic items. It also gives you a 2+ save when mounted, and a 1+ save vs shooting, so it's every bit as good!

Drop the biting blade from the sorceress, she has 1 S3 attack, so she's hardly worth equipping for combat!

I'd also probably drop the RxB from the dark riders, I tend to use them more for flank charges/march blocking or war machine hunting, none of which require RxB.

I'd personally drop the champion from the executioners, although that's up to you.

That nets you around 80 points, I'd buy the seal of ghrond for one of your sorceresses, an extra dispel dice is always handy.

with the remaining 55 or so points, I'd either buy another CoK and a war banner for one of your witch elf units, or the banner of murder for the bigger witch elf unit and a 12th witch elf for the other unit.

The banner of murder is almost essential for witch elves, giving them the range for a flank charge, or the drop on enemy units. They have the damage dealing capabilities of wild tigers, but unfortunately that's coupled with the damage resisting capabilities of china teacups, if they get charged, even by stuff like skaven they are going to die, not to mention getting obliterated by bowfire, getting them into combat ASAP is key.

Other than that, good luck!