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02-05-2014, 20:27
Hey there guys. I'm currently trying to boil-down my WoC to something that consistently performs well. I mainly face Dwarfs, Lizardmen, High Elves and Empire. So far i've not had much trouble vs either army but i've lost each time. So I formulated a new list and would like some input from you friendly folks;

Sorcerer Lord - 315
- Lv4, Chaos Fmiliar, Talisman of Protection, Ironcurse Icon

Exalted Hero - 196
- BSB, Halberd. Scaled Skin, MoK, Banner of Rage

24 Warriors - 453
-FC, Shields, MoN, Banner of Swiftness

30 Marauders - 360
- FC. GW. MoK

2 x 3 Skullcrushers - 254 (508)
- Ensorcelled Weapons, Musician & Standard

10 Marauder Horsemen - 200
- Spears,Shields, MoK

20 Hounds - 120

Chimera - 245
- Regen

Now, seeing as I face mainly shooting armies, i'm trying to divide as much of that shooting up as possible between the scariest units I can muster. I'm also not sure whether I should take a Chimera or take 5 Fully kittted out chaos knights who cost the exact same.

I will be facing High Elves and Dwarfs soon, while im not worried about the elves the dwarf list is the typical "ima bunch all my stuff as close as possible to each other and shoot you". Breaking the dwarf army is hard because it has a standard that gives stubborn to all units in 12" or so.

So any thoughts on the list? (Btw, I am aware taking 2 units of skullcrushers is considered an ass move, but i've never used them before)

02-05-2014, 21:10
IMO marauder horse would be more effective in 2x5. I think flails are more effective than spears.

Same for the hounds, 4x5 will be really useful, 1x20 is just free points for your opponent.

I don't understand why anyone takes the banner of rage. Sure you never lose frenzy, but wouldn't the points be better spent on something to help you win combats, rather than a contingency in case you lose a combat? Depending on how you want to play it, it should give cavalry mounts an extra attack, so it'd be useful on Skullcrushers, but otherwise I don't see the point.

I also don't see the point in foot marauders, but maybe that's just me.

I think you'll find the stand-out star for you is the two units of skullcrushers. Nothing else in this list would make me break a sweat if I were watching you deploy opposite me.

02-05-2014, 22:47
I forgot the put that hounds are deployed in 5s.
Banner of rage is just in case I lose a round of combat but don't flee, which is a common occurrence when I face Dwarfs or Lizzys. And i'll be using the Horsemen as CC breakers and chasing off Skirmishers/Reavers/Dark Riders. I like em'ranked up for the extra CC resolution.

Bar the skullcrushers, what would you consider to be terrifying going against a WoC list? (No Chosen please, I can't stand them ><)

03-05-2014, 03:13
What extra CC resolution? How many times have you gone through a round of combat without a single Marauder Horseman dying? I can't think of any time you'd need that +1 when you'd be up against a foe so weak they don't get even a single kill.

Aside from which, you seem to be using them in a role better suited to knights.

Warriors and knights, especially led by a decent combat hero, are pretty tough to play against. Demon princes, especially when played in combination with a good magic lore, can be devastating. I saw a game recently where a DP cast Cacophonic Choir at 24+ and managed to nail all three of his opponent's dangerous units. The game was effectively over after turn 1, all he had left to do was mop up the mess. The opponent left him two flank and one rear charge available on those pricy 'kickass' units, got charged by some knights and bloodletters and by the end of turn 2 he had nothing left that could realistically fight the WoC heavies.

03-05-2014, 07:16
Hmm, not keen on Demon Princes, too many points for what a Lord and Sorc Lord do but better imo. And I face cannons, alot of cannons.

What about dropping the marauders and increasing the warriors to 30~ or two warrior units of 20 (Not sure how i'm arming them, MoN+GW or MoT + Shields)? I love the idea of the 30+ warrior unit, but I don't see it being tactically viable against fast armies like elves.

Also, Chimera, is it any good or should I just drop it and go with Knights since they are tried and true?

03-05-2014, 20:55
I haven't really tried the Chimera. Personally I stick with my knights.

I've heard that they are good, but do much better with a baby sitter (another reason for a DP).

I think warriors are going to be a better deal than marauders most of the time. What's the point in playing WoC only to have Empire state troops at your command. I think two mid-sized blocks is much more effective than one huge one. Between dogs, marauder horse, knights, and the Chimera you should be able to keep your flanks clear.

What's the general strategy? Warriors in the middle with the skullcrushers around them while the dogs, chimera, and horsemen go after lighter targets? Keep in mind that toe-to-toe the skullcrushers can take down all but the most elite infantry blocks, especially if you bump one of them up to 4 strong and/or ride your hero along with them on a jugger of his own (then you'd see more benefit from the BoR as well, since it would give the juggernauts frenzy and 4 extra str 6/5 attacks is nothing to laugh at).

05-05-2014, 16:59
you should drop your banners on the Skullcrushers. don't forget that you lose the banner if you break. So, even if you don't have any wounds on any SK and you break due to combat res you loose one SK... Keep the two units of 3 so that if you end up with only one SK and you break, you don't need snake eyes to rally them since they will be more than 25% of the original unit. The Chimeras are great for taking out chaff and warmachines, but if they're not in the leadership bubble, they break easy and have a hard time to rally.

05-05-2014, 19:59
I don't see the point of the marauders. You could get what...18 halberd warriors for that same price?

The BSB goes down pretty easily too, and gives up almost 300 points when he dies. Seems like a defensive build on him would be a better idea, no? Also is he going in with marauders? Remember that he auto-dies if that unit ever breaks from combat.