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03-05-2014, 18:29
Over the years I have slowly but steadily increased my terrain collection for warhammer battles. However, there are some items that I just can't get my hands on... Maybe you have some ideas where to get these?

There are countless buildings for Empire style boards everywhere and even Orc or Ogre huts can be found, but well done High Elf buildings are very hard to get. I would really like to have a couple of them for an Ulthuan themed board. I know that Gale Force 9 had one little tower (which didn't look exactly great imo), apart from that seems really hard to find anything.

Sometimes I do "indoor battles". Small warbands engage in caves, castles, outposts or prisons. I like story based campaigns and scenarios like "prison escape", "infiltration" or "slay the monster in the cave" come up occasionally. What I would need is a possibility to create good looking walls for this type of battle. Create indoor/underground maps for small units or skirmishers to battle over. I have looked on various 3-D roleplaying solutions that offer a dungeon to be built in various configurations. However, they all seem to suffer from the same problem: They are made for role playing games and as such their layout seems to be restricted to narrow corridors and some rooms. Sadly these corridors are done for individual heroes, they are way too narrow for a 5 wide infantry formation to march through and therefore not really what I need.
So I figured what I really need is just the walls, not a "3d dungeon". Of course most tabletop walls are not high enough to stand in for room or cave walls. Is there a wall set that is both good looking and reasonably priced in order to large quantities with which to build indoor maps on say 4'x4' tables or larger?

03-05-2014, 19:49
Big friend of "indoor battles" as well.

I highly recommend that you'll take a look into building some indoors scenery yourself. You can build your 3d dungeon with personal flavor. Using Hirst Molds and similar solutions that others have done is not the only way to go. One good idea is to start just like you thought: focus on the walls. Make interchangeable wall pieces and maybe some floor tiles that give you a vague idea of a cave or cavern. Later, if you like, you can add in more walls to separate the space into different rooms, or even build whole different levels indoors with ladders or wide stairways.

You can take a look on my project page (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?389366-Self-made-modular-board-%28Mordheim-Hero-Quest-%29), especially the earlier pictures, if you seek inspiration. And keep in mind I have very little experience with crafting scenery. If I can do this, just about anyone can do this and similar stuff. Plenty of better-looking dungeon solutions in the terrain section for inspiration as well!

04-05-2014, 16:37
I use Legos to build all my buildings and sets. Some permanent pieces we paint others we leave to reconfigure or add parts. Interestingly models fit perfectly on them where you build areas for them to operate from.

04-05-2014, 17:52
I am in the process of building a board a monstrous 8x12 board, that features an elven port city with docks, and a sea wall, with an 'open' building laden area in between. I ran into the problem of no real High Elf styled 'things.' I found plenty that would work for Dark Elf or Wood Elf, but High Elf was harder. I solved the problem the same way I did for ships, I started to design and build them up myself.

I have been using exaggerated A-Frames, with high peaks for houses, white-washed walls with splashes of color at the base and upper edge and parapets. It is all made from wood though, and I don't have the tools to do fancy carving, although there is a UPS store near by that does 3d printing, so I am thinking of getting some fine detail, like lamps, window frames, etc... done on a 3d print.