View Full Version : Another new wood elves list. 2000pts

07-05-2014, 08:04
Here goes:

15 glade guard, FC true sight
15 glade guard, FC hag bane

6 tree kin, elder
5 wild riders, FC
5 sister of the thorn, FC
3 warhawk riders

Treeman, strangle roots
6 Waywatchers

Glade captain, great stag, helm of the hunt, spear, shield - 164

Lvl 2 (beasts?) spell singer, unicorn, dispel scroll - 200


So that's my first idea. I can see 2 potential problems with it due to new-book-fit-fun-things-in-syndrome. It lacks focus a little and no lvl 4. Does that make for too much of a disadvantage or do you think I could still win games while having fun matches?

Spell singer with sisters and stag captain with wild riders. I would have liked to get the hail of doom arrow in and I could drop the tree kin upgrade and add another wild rider.