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Gustav Kohn
07-05-2014, 17:01
Lvl3 Shadow w/Acorn

Lvl 1 Shadow w/moonstone
Glade Captain BSB w/armour of destiny & GW

15 GG w/ musician & poison
20 EG w/FC
5 GR w/ no penalty

15 Wild Wood Rangers w/FC
7 Wild Riders w/shields & Champ
5 Sisters of the Thorn
4 Warhawk Riders

12 Waywatchers
1 Eagle
1 Eagle

This leaves me with an extra 265 of points to put into the list. Thoughts are: 1)a unit of 10 scouts w/poison or no penalty at 160 & another mage w/treesinging 2) another unit of Wild Riders at 206 and then fill out some other units 3) More Waywatchers (2 units of 10 total) and a mage with treesining 4) Insert your suggestion here

My thoughts are this. Use shadow and the moonstone to put units to the flanks and rear of the enemy (1st turn move the WWR into flank that has the warhawks there as well so that when enemy turns to face the WWR I charge in with WHR and WWR. Then in magic phase I shadow my moonstone guy out and the next turn repeat by putting Wild riders or something else into the other flank or rear of enemy). My EG are there to hold up a unit for charge by the Wild Riders. Bowmen are to take out chaff (no penalty arrows), monsters (Poison) and high armor (Waywatchers). Eagles do the annoying frustration game. In effect I have two mobile combat teams (WWR & Warhawks and then the EG + Wild Riders). The Sisters annoy and cast curse of anraheir on stuff.

07-05-2014, 20:29
Doubling up on the Wild Riders is probably a good bet, as they will be targeted for being blasted, but another group of 10 WW would probably do very well for you as well. Additionally, I think you should make the GR shoot poison shots, so that they can target war machines when they arrive and strip wounds from them. You've already got a total of six spells to potentially cast, so I wouldn't bother putting more into the army.

Drop a Warhawk Rider (so 3 total) and you can probably field a smallish unit of scouts for more shooting as well! Also, don't forget that Shield of Thorns on your Sisters, while not a great spell itself, will activate the lore attribute from life and return a wound to one of your multi-wound models if they're in range. Well worth using with that those last two dice in your magic phase if you don't need 'em elsewhere - I'd even 1-dice it at the end just 'cause.

08-05-2014, 22:58
You want 10 poison scouts in there. Either as a unit of 10, or as I perfer. two of five. They are brilliant warmachinehunters, remember they start closer to the enemy.

Also, always fill up your rarepoints with this armybook. If you have room, more waywatchers. They are the best infantery option in the whole book, followed by scouts and then eternal guard.

So more scouts, more waywatchers. Consider taking two units of 5 wildriders instead of one big, with all those eagles and units don't count on winning deployment.
I would also consider giving the gladeriders poison if you have the points.

I am suprised seeing that many eagles and warhawks, I would think drop some. But flanking can be cool, I think it's worth trying out! :)