View Full Version : Tree Singing and Lore Attribute

Gustav Kohn
07-05-2014, 18:06
Do I get to use the lore attribute of whatever lore I originally chose when I cast tree singing? If so, what if I only have a lvl 1 and therefore have no spells of my "chosen Lore"?

07-05-2014, 19:03
I was wondering about this. Best I can tell, it is lore-less. Most lores come with the phrase "if a spell from lore x is used, it has bonus y" (or words to that effect). So tree singing has no attached benefit. Though I suppose one could try to argue it becomes a spell from your spell-casters primary lore, but that seems very gamey.

Gustav Kohn
07-05-2014, 19:05
On the other hand, it makes the item even more gimicky and less useful.

07-05-2014, 19:12
I stumbled across this item today too - and thought that iwould rather have liked it to say "may replace one of the spells you rolled for" like a basic spell.

On topic, imo you wonīt get any lore attribute and if you have a level 1 wizard wearing it your attribute is lost.