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08-05-2014, 23:37
Hi, I am mainly a wood elf player, but in waiting for this new armybook I have been collecting up some empire models. So I can't toss in whatever into this list.

But I have come up with this list. And I have some questions:
-How well do you think it is for a take on all comers list?
-How well against High elfs, Dwarfs and Wood elfs? (what I usually face)
-What lore should I pick on my lvl. 4?

Some remarks:
There are some usual empire models I don't have accsess to at the moment, like more knights, halberdiers, steam tank and the like. But feel free to give me whatever list adjustments you like.

The Priest and BSB go with the spearmen, this gives the handgun detachments flaming http://asrai.org/images/smilies/unibrow.gif

Total - 2006 pts
225 - LVL 4 Wizard, Dispel Scroll
255 - Grandmaster, Runefang, the other tricksters shard

72 - Sigmar Priest, E.shield, heavy armour
103 -Captain, BSB(e.flame), Full Plate, shield

188 - 28 spearmen, shields, musican, banner
180 - 2x10 Handgunner detachments(spearmen)
135 - 5 inner circle knights, musican

184 - 3 demigryphs, musican
174 - 3 demigryphs
120 - 1 great cannon

130 - Celestial Hurricanum
120 - Hellblaster
120 - Hellblaster

What else do I have lying aroud?:
another cannon, mortar, swordmen, free-company, foot heroes(wizards, witch hunter, engineers and priests), 10-12 greatswords, mounted wizards

12-05-2014, 21:26
First off, its way better to take a master engineer + a hellblaster, even better maybe than taking two separately.

You dont have much infantry to justify taking the Celestial Hurricanum, you should really have 2 blocks of infantry to be buffed by it.

I feel like your grandmaster is a little out of place in this list, hes a good killy character but you dont have a big unit of knights to put him in. Im assuming the IC knights are sort of flankers/war machine killers, right?

Yeah a unit of 30 state troops is decent but i really like 40 more. I think I would buff up your main unit to 40 then add a detatchment of 20 swordsmen.

Everyone says this.... Handgunners,.... suck. I mean fluff wise we love them but they arent that useful for 9 pts per model and BS3. '

I say you should do an Arch Lector as your general, drop the grandmaster unless if you want a unit of 10 knights. Then take 10 handgunners, not 20. Increase your spearmen to 40 and add a combat detatchment (for chaff or flanking). Another option is to take a unit of 10 greatswords to act like a psuedo-detatchment. Definitely add a naked master engineer to buff the helblaster (totally worth it).

13-05-2014, 21:33
as far as wizard lore, as empire, a few options stand out:

Light: very helpful buffs in a different way, also some damage options
Metal: very helpful buffs/hexes and damage spells can be devastating against certain units **my favorite
Shadow: all round good but you want it on a lvl 4
Life: good for cavalry lists