View Full Version : Wildwood - 2200pt Forest Spirit combat list

09-05-2014, 13:29
Just playing around with some lists in a bid to a) use models I already own and b) make a more combat-focused list instead of a shooty/avoidance one.

Level 4 Beasts
Power Stone
Lords 240

Hail of Doom Arrow

Level 1 Life

Level 1 Life

Level 1 Life

Level 1 Life
Heroes 425

34 Dryads

10 Glade Guard
Trueflight arrows
Standard, Musician
Core 554

8 Treekin

5 Wardancers

10 Deepwood Scouts

Special 635


Great Eagle

Great Eagle

Rare 345
TOTAL 2199pts

So forest spirits provide the combat muscle via the big Dryad unit, the big Treekin unit and the Treeman. The Branchwraiths either bulk up the Dryads, form their own hit squad or get spread out (in units or own their own).

Beasts magic gives a couple of nice ways to really improve the forest spirits (Wyssan's on units, Savage Beasts/Pann's on Branchwraiths). 5 channels per turn and the Power Stone will hopefully let me get the right spell off at the right time.

Life magic can also help regrow/regain wounds, get regen up on a unit, and provides a decent enough chance of Dwellers for 6-dice fun if necessary.

Elves provide fire support and general cheerleading duties, apart from Wardancers who can support the Treekin/Treeman/Branchwraith unit with their lose ranks dance, go character hunting or provide a bodyguard for my mage/bsb.

I'd appreciate any thoughts/comments (but realise people may be bored of WE lists by now!)


09-05-2014, 17:48
i like it. Where is the spellweaver hiding?

10-05-2014, 12:49
Cheers Waywatch.
Spellweaver will go in glade guard or scouts I think.
I've actually changed the list a bit, got rid of the wardancers and an eagle and put in a shadowdancer with pot of strength to nuke anything that needs finishing off.

Going to try it out on Monday vs a fast cav Wood Elf list. Should be interesting...