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10-05-2014, 21:11
I'm likely going to attend a local tournament which will be using the SCGT comp system, it can be found here: http://www.heelanhammer.com/SCGT/SCGT20 ... ack1_7.pdf

I wanted to create a list that would give me some soft choices for cheap (moneywise) I chose to use Alith Anar as a general since he's one model that I can easily convert and Shadow warriors since I love the new models and they're very cool fluffwise.
So here's the list:


Alith Anar, The Shadow King, 250 pts


Mage lvl 2 Talisman of Endurance, 120 pts

Mage lvl 1 Dispel scroll 110 pts

Noble BSB, Dragon Armour, Warrior Bane, Enchanted Shield, Khaine's Ring of Fury 140 pts)


10 Archers, Musician, 110 pts

10 Archers, Musician, 110 pts

5 Ellyrian Reavers, Bow 85 pts

5 Ellyrian Reavers, Bow 85 pts

7 Silver Helms, Standard bearer, Shields 171 pts


25 Phoenix Guard, Banner of the World Dragon, 455 pts

10 Shadow Warriors, 140 pts


1 Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower, 70 pts

1 Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower, 70 pts

1 Great Eagle, 50 pts

Totalt: 1996p

Power choices: Banner of the world dragon, Bolt thrower

Soft choices: 10 Shadow warriors, Alith Anar

comp score: 5-2+2=5

My idea is to put all the characters in the PG unit, with Anar and the BSB in the front rank and the mages in the second. I know this is a little like putting all the eggs in one basket but I think it might work as the unit has great defense with the innate 4+ ward, Alith Anars ability making them -1 to hit and BotWD. I get a decent amount of shots from two bolt throwers, 20 archer, 10 shadow warriors and 10 reavers. Alith Anar and the bolt throwers can deal with big monsters. The reavers and eagle act as re-directors and the silver helms as hard chaff or flanking units. I guess this is pretty much an avoidance list where I try to stay out of combat and hope that the PG unit doesn't get double teamed.

Now I know this list is far from optimal but I think it could be a fun list to play. My main concern is the magic phase, do you think I will be ok with a lvl 2 and a lvl 1? Should I try to squeeze in a lvl 4 instead? Then it is the placement of Alith Anar, would it be smarter to put him with the shadow warriors, making him more mobile and making that unit -2 to hit?

I've made some optional lists where I either dropped the lvl 2 and the PGs which gave me points to pick another Eagle, 25 Sword masters with BotWD and a lvl 4 with 6+ ward.

Another option is to make the PGs 20 strong, give the lvl 2 a 6+ ward instead of a 5+ and then put in another unit of shadow warriors for more shots and another scouting unit.

Please give me your opinions and advice!

13-05-2014, 22:41
So I guess it may not concern you but there are some general consensus among players on a few things:
1. Lvl 4 or go home (definitely at 2000pts+)
2. you need 3 close combat blocks of troops (you have two, I guess)

I feel like your army is all about ranged, pretty much. You may redirect an army well but then you dont have something to kill them with! Its sad but ranged isnt gonna work well against most units/armies. If you want to rework this list to be a little better I would start by putting the reavers into one unit of 10 (weird right? but yeah) and if you can you need a character in the silver helm unit. BotWD really isnt as good as you think... okay maybeeee against Daemons of Chaos just as a jerk move but still, and even if it is going to work it just raises your ward save to 2+ from the amazing 4+ you already pay tons of points for.

15-05-2014, 10:43
I'd either take white lions with the BOWD (and be on the recieving end of all the evil glares for ever) or alternately drop the BOWD on phoenix guard. It's an extra eagle worth of points either way.

The French Guy
15-05-2014, 13:55
I agree on the BoTWD, casting a spell with a mage or the Khaine ring will improve the ward save to 3++, then just get a MR1 item or banner in the PG.
I would go for a Level 4 (4++ and Book is still a good typical loadout), and maybe a Noble/Prince on steed to go with the Helms.
Shield of the merwyrm, Khaine’s ring of fury on the BSB with a Heavy armor enough IMHO.

I would cut the PG down to 19, throw the Level 4 and BSB in it and then try to grab a third combat unit.
Maybe buff the Helms number by cutting a unit of Archers?

Hope it helps!

15-05-2014, 14:35
I would take the Forbidden Rod on the Level 2 instead of a 5+ ward.

20-05-2014, 17:30
oh my god dont even talk about banner of the world dragon.... hahahaha

21-05-2014, 17:58
Guys, thank you for the comments! I have made another list without Alith Anar with a lvl4 with 4++ and 20 PG and 20 SM with BotWD which I think will work :)

22-05-2014, 15:53
dude... no BotWD..... just no.... :p