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18-06-2006, 04:13
Hey is anyone interested in Star Wars role playing. If so then Email me at spoon_114@hotmail.com, or just reply to this message. basically i will be GM and need at least 3-4 players... i will consider taking more if theres enough interest.

I am tossing up wheather to set the campaign in the new republic or have a campaign where the players are early jedi, who are trying to create their new order....

any way if you are interestes at all don't hesitate to reply.


Beat my Meat
19-06-2006, 07:20
I'm in. You filthy jailbait.

19-06-2006, 07:25
Can I get a spot check on that?

19-06-2006, 08:30
hey falz i knew you couldn't resist....
Any way we need one more person to join and we will be up and running.
I will keep you guys posted.

I will keep the spice out of it this time;)

well keep watching this space

19-06-2006, 10:21
Yea i'm in

Hi Crapstats Twilek, *********, GM, Flyboy

How do i bluff my way out of this one :)

Konrad_Curze II
19-06-2006, 21:26
any room for another?

Gremore Dysart
20-06-2006, 01:49
So I'm guessing no room for another then?

Hate Train
20-06-2006, 04:01
I think there is.

I'm only in if I can use the force to tear the heads off of my enemies before including descriptions of "steaming intestines" in relation to lightsaber wounds.

Beat my Meat
20-06-2006, 05:43
Steaming Intestines are encouraged. But remember, any use of the word "poopslut" will get you expelled from the game.

20-06-2006, 06:23
Actually Konrad_Curze II, Gremore Dysart and Hate Train you guys can join, i decided to take on more players.

I decided to do a campaign set in the New Republic era but after the Yuuhang Vong (spelling?) invasion.... I guess that makes it the Galactic Alliance Era then?

If you guys want i was thinking of making you dudes apprentice jedi's about 50 years after the invason, you know the usual cliche. You learn you powers, grow in the force, stop the bad guy or become the bad guys.

I will give you more info as we get into it, but i will probly start the campaign in about a weeks time, as i have things happening this week prohibiting my starting the game.

The rules are pretty straight forward:

You will post your messages in first or third person.

you will create your character and provide some info on them in this thread.
just provide a description on them

you will post at least once a day to keep the thing moving if not then every second day.

you make the choices where you want to go, so roleplay and develop your character. AND REMEBER i can only set the scene you have to be inventive.

make your post interesting i don't want to see "n00bzor fired at the droid... it exploded", i wan't to see "n00bzor aimed his blaster and fired at the closest droid, its head exploded into nothing more then molten metal" or something like that.

alright as i said just post you charater descriptions in here,and talk to each other. You are jedi apprentices living 50 years after the Yuuhang vong Invasion. If any of you object to being a jedi then take it up with me. The state of the galaxy is pretty secure, the Galatic Alliance has rebuilt the universe, and corusants back to its forma glory and the jedi temple is back on corusant, as well as the having academies at yavin, and dantooine. any thing you want to ask about the galaxies state of affairs ask me then via email or this thread.

oh and yes you can have any force powers you want, but remeber your an apprentice/padawan. and make sure such a power actually exists.

If anyone else wants to join then just ask and i will decide i might take on two more???? i will see

mulchie out.

20-06-2006, 06:29
Yes, as mitch (a.k.a Beat my meat) said, be as descriptive as you like.

i also want to add your character can fall to the darkside but only if it doesn't affect the groups experiance or work against them.

i will welcome the chance of a couple of light side vs. dark side arguments.

as long as it doesnt result in the deaths of any bodies characters.
and your character must start out good, but can have some evil tendencies. like anger....

and no taking control of another persons character unless you ask them if its alright first. thats a big no no, unless your me of couse as i am that cool:cool:

20-06-2006, 20:26
How about a character that isn't a jedi mabye a bounty hunter or cyborg? I'd be up for that.

Konrad_Curze II
20-06-2006, 21:04
i want a deathmask for my character but i dont want him to be a rip off darth vader, im sure i can think something up

Beat my Meat
21-06-2006, 05:45
Just say your character had caused his friend to die due to his pride in himself and he wears a mask as a punishment. Kinda like the man in the Iron Mask.

21-06-2006, 05:53
hey Bmaxwell, Welcome.
yeah sure, i probly can work a bounty hunter into the story, i will just have to talk to you more, maybe a bounty hunter on the pay role of the Galactic Alliance? or just some bounty hunter who is a friend of the jedi and is learned in thier combat techniques. I don't know... what ever you want. just as long as it fits. but we will talk.

Konrad, yes you can have a deathmask, be creative. I might even work into the story line you finding an ancient sith deathmask... possibly begining your decent into the dark side of the force, or corrupts you... we will work with it...

I am not accepting anymore players, those who are definitly playing, at your next post tell me so. If some one new wants to join ask me first and i will tell you if i have accepted you.

feel free to uses this thread to come up with and swap character ideas. And if you want to talk about something with me or any special characdteristics or plot lines for your character then just ask.

alright, i just want to remind you i won't be starting the game proper until about a weeks time. i will keep you posted on the actual starting date.

Alright mulchie out...

Gremore Dysart
22-06-2006, 01:01
Ok so, do any of you know the D6 system rules, just wondering because i know almost all of the D6 system powers and if needs be i can put up a list for you all to choose from.
Gremore Dysart, teenager brought up on a poor world and found out about his powers only when a Hut (kumac) captured him and used his abilities to help her win bets and gamble her way to the top.
He is now on the run seen as he stole from her, his lightsabre, and a lot of credits. So he found his way onto a freighter and got to corrusant. Got a little bit of training and is now off to stop Kumac from hunting him to his death.
Many bounty hunters have come after him, most of the time he hid or ran. The best way to avoid death is with the powerful jedi of the jedi council. His powers range in mostly protective powers, mainly to keep himself alive, he is looking for a holocron to teach him some sort of combat skills so he can basicly stop his persuers and make bounty hunters THINK TWICE :evilgrin:.

Anyone got any problems with that?

Hate Train
22-06-2006, 05:57
I don't know if I'm in or not, but we'll see.

Name: "Sonny" Meshiwara
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Physical Description: Tall and lean as though malnourished. It's been commented that "if he were any thinner he wouldn't exist." His skin is very pale and his eyes are an extremely dark brown. His hair is black and is cut so that it hangs down to just below his jaw line, it has a tendency to partially cover his face at times. He wears a black coat, open over his white T-shirt. His pants fit him, they are black as well. He wears black and white sneakers. His outfit is considered unusually "retro" by many. Sonny stands with a perpetual lean, he always seems uninterested.
Personal History: Like most Jedi recruits, Sonketsu Meshiwara was recruited at a very young age. As a result he grew up to be incredibly level headed, to the point of emotional detachment. During training, Sonketsu seemed to be eternally seeking privacy, meditating, reading, and excersizing his prowess with his lightsaber without the guidance of his master. Sonny's master has often been dismayed by the distance between them, but has yet to realize the greater implications it may have.
Character Premise: A student's meditations lead him to kill his master.
Equipment: Lightsaber (Blue), Clothes.
Force Powers: Force Pull.
Special Abilities: Sonny's meditations have caused him to have a razor sharp concentration. When in a conflict Sonny often feels as though time has slowed down, allowing him more time to react.

22-06-2006, 08:01
Actually i only know the WOTC D20 rules, so i was going to use that.

I want to focus more on the roleplaying side and was only going to uses the die rolling during combat if we wanted to. Or i could just let you guys have the riens... where I say hey Gremore you can kill 4 of the 7 battle droids make it sound cool... kinda thing. i wouldn't mind doing it that way, you know more laid back. and also i can work you dude trying to kill the Hutt into the story quite easily. I won't tell you how though as its a secret.

anyway the story i am preparing is going to blow you mind. Kinda like a ninja/Jedi assain thing, but thats only tip of the ice brug...

Hey Hate Train I can see your kinda going to go darkside on our asses' so i just want to say ... yes we can do that to.

so you guys tell me how you want to do this thing, with die rolls or without?

and i will post my characters bios pretty soon.


22-06-2006, 09:12
Hey this is my character, he will be the dude that leads you and gives you advice to you sorry bunch of misfits. anyways let me know what you think.

Character: Jedi Knight Valo
Valo is a tall dark hair man, he only ever wears white robes which perfectly match his eyes which have pure white iris'. His left hand is robot which he keeps covered up with a white glove. The fact that he is almost completely white has earned him the nicknames of the 'White Knight' or the 'Ghost'.

Valo was born on the planet of Sitimos which was and always had been an insignificant spec in the galaxy. The Natives of Sitimos are a group of half feral and primitive warriors. They dwelt under the planets hostile surface and shunned the sunlight. This lead to their iris' being white. Valo was born with out a left hand, and the natives seeing this as a bad omen left him on the surface of the planet, as a scrafice to thier Gods.

He would have died if destiny hadn't taken a hand. A Young Jedi Padwan made a stop on the planet to investigate the rumours of the planet containing many force sensitives. He found Valo lying on the ground and could sense he was strong in the force. Taking Valo to the Jedi Temple on Corusant he left the boy to be raised and trained as a Jedi. Years later he would return as a fully fledged Jedi Knight to begin Valos Training.

Valo quickly grew in the force and became a strong warrior. When his master deemed him ready they traveled to Dantooine to find a crystel to be used in the construction of his lightsaber. Useing the force as a guide Valo was drawn deep within an ancient cave. It was here where he found a crystel which gave the lightsaber a beam which was pure white. It was the only crystel of its kind even found in the history of the Jedi and it was seen as a sign that a great destiny lay before the padawan.

Valo completed his training and was accepted as a fully fledged Jedi Knight. He is a valued member of the jedi order, who offers his wisdom to his fellow Jedi. Even though he is deeply involved in the development of the Jedi Younglings, teaching them the principles of the Jedi order and instructing them in the nature of the force, he has never taken a Jedi apprentice as his padawan, and for a Jedi who is approaching 30 years of age this is seen as a curiosity.

Gear: Lightsaber(white), Jedi Robes, Robotic Arm, protective glasses.
Force Powers: Force Push, Alter Mind.
Special Abilities:
Valo is a patient man who meditates often on the nature of the force and the future. He often has premonitions through the force which show him visions of the future. These preminitions only show him possibilities, not definites.
It has also been said that Valo can read minds but this is purly speculation.

He can also see far into the dark, but bright lights hurt his eyes.

Gremore Dysart
22-06-2006, 12:38
lol I didn't mean with dice rolls, I meant if you want we can use the force powers in that system as a sort of list for people to choose from.
I don't want dice rolls, my D20 likes the number 3:( .

22-06-2006, 13:42
Could I do a Yuuzhan Vong? sort of assassin type of character?

22-06-2006, 23:31
My Bad:(
but yeah put up the powers list. we will choose from that.

I don't know about a Yuuhang Vong character, as they don't really do anything in the galaxy anymore... i am going to say no.
But you can be a hybrid droid/human, like general grevous from episode 3.
you can still be an assassin, cause thats cool and fits in with the story.

anyway i won't be able to check this thread for about 2 days, so just talk amongst yourselves... and get that froce powers llist...


Konrad_Curze II
22-06-2006, 23:33
well this link has a good list of them.

22-06-2006, 23:35
Hey, any chance of a last minute slip in on this party? My knowledge of Star Wars Canon outside of the Movies is extremely limited, but I'm quite happy to read up on any link y'all throw me (already scanning the Wiki's) because c'mon. Who can turn down the chance to RP a jedi :D

Gremore Dysart
23-06-2006, 00:01
Well that list is ok but it covers so many thinks seperatley.
For example sabre throw, that can easily be covered by a simple telekinesis. I have a very compressed and good quality list. Anyone know how i can get it onto a website? I don't know any uploading sites.

23-06-2006, 23:05
Well, on second thoughts, rather than simply ask if you'll take another 'll put me money where my mouth is and slap down the character I intended to play if you'll take me and leave it up to you!

Name: Helen Vertos

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 13

One of the younger members of the new Jedi order Helen has a reputation, unlike the stereotypical hotheaded youngster, as a bit of oddity. Far happier deep within the archives than out in the Lightsaber training courts or any of the other activities common to many younglings and padawans. She is, even by Jedi standards exceedingly reluctant to resort to violence. However elder Jedi have noticed great potential in her fighting skills, she seems to have a natural aptitude for lightsaber use, she just lacks the conviction to use it. To help balance this, she is regularly assigned to exercises with some of the more hot-headed member both to teach her that sometimes force is necessary, and in the hope some of her nature will rub off on the more quick to anger members.

Physical Description: Below average in height for her age and of slender build, Helen is beginning to maure into an attracive young woman, despite her opinions to the contrary. Her skin is pale on account of her propensity to indoor life and study, though not excessively so, as she is by no means completely against spending some time outside with the few others she maintains friendship with. Her shoulder length hair is a rich chocolate brown, and despite offers of corrective surgery prefers to wear glasses as she is mildly short sighted. On the rare occasion she engages in combat this is not the disadvantage it would seem, since Jedi are trained to let the force be their guide, and with the limits to her natural vision, she has little choice than to do so. Some have speculated whether this is a part of the cause for her natural aptitude for the Lightsaber.

Equipment: Golden yellow Lightsaber, stock Jedi robes

Force Powers: Nothing abnormal beyond core training.

Special Abilities: There is a slightly disarming innocence about this young Jedi with the potential of great power, but not the will to use it. And whether it is a latent Force ability or simply a product of her Nature even some of the most distrustful of people and animals have been known to let their guard down around her, aiding her in seeking to avoid conflict but more importantly pain or the taking of life of any kind.

24-06-2006, 10:45
@gremore - if you email me the page and any additional details, I'll turn it into a webpage and host it. My email's ook_the_librarian@hotmail.co.uk.

I've got a small amount of webspace (courtesy of Tyra_Nid) and I can host them there.

Also, can I join in on this RP? I tried PM'ing Mulchie but my net went the way of an extinct bird for a while, thus I don't think you recieved it......

Thanks all,


Gremore Dysart
24-06-2006, 15:16
can i add you on msn instead, would be a lot easier to send that way. Tis in a folder.

24-06-2006, 15:31
no probs matey. use the same addy.

Or give me your addy, and I'll add you to mine


Gremore Dysart
24-06-2006, 18:48
ok will do, whats Rukia?

24-06-2006, 21:44
Ah.... it's a mis-quote from a manga series called "Bleach" basically there's a thing that possesses a teddy bear, and he likes one of the female characters, so he's having a tantrum saying "I want to see Onee-chan, I want to see Onee-chan" over and over. And the guy who owns the teddy says "get some sleep" "okay zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" a la Little Nicky "Sleep" "You got it...."


24-06-2006, 21:50
I haven't posted in a couple of days as i just went to see coldplay live....and they rock.

but yeah sure biggreengribbly and Joe you guys are the last i am taking on.

So our players at the moment is
Gremore Dysart
Konrad Curze
Beat my meat
and uncle Hate Train

If i have forgotten anyone just say so and i will fix my mistake. we will probly start in about two days so keep an eye out, and keep posting you characters.

alright mulchie

24-06-2006, 22:05
Ah.... it's a mis-quote from a manga series called "Bleach" basically there's a thing that possesses a teddy bear, and he likes one of the female characters, so he's having a tantrum saying "I want to see Onee-chan, I want to see Onee-chan" over and over. And the guy who owns the teddy says "get some sleep" "okay zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" a la Little Nicky "Sleep" "You got it...."


Dude. Explaining one quote in referance to a different quote? You watch too much damn TV :D

Hate Train
24-06-2006, 22:08
Ah... I'm not in the list.

And Coldplay is a good band... but they do not rock. They're too soft to "rock".

24-06-2006, 22:12
Hate train you should have been at the concert then you will know what i meant. and i am deeply sorry for missing you, please accept my apologies and i will amend the list imidiatly.

Again i am truely sorry


24-06-2006, 22:24
@Gribbs - No, I love my quotes! I get them from wherever I can. No excuses!

@Mulchie - my character will be uploaded either late tonight or more likely at some point in the proceedings tomorrow. Did Coldplay play "Fix You?" I will never tire of hearing that song! That and "Clocks", and "The Scientist"



24-06-2006, 22:32
Yeah Joe they played all three and the entire crowd sang Fix You. :cries: it was beautiful. And Chris Martin is the best show man, oh it was just excellent, they are so good live.

yeah pst you character when ever in the next two days.
Beat My Meat may be out of the game for a while, so i said he could join us later on, in case you were wondering why he hadn't posted in a while. You probly weren't wondering but you know wtf.

alrighty then i am off until tomorrow...


Gremore Dysart
24-06-2006, 22:49
I think i already posted my background, but what ever i'll do a full bio tomorrow. Night guys + gals (if anyone here is female:confused:)

Hate Train
25-06-2006, 02:56
Sweet, I'm somebody's uncle.

I think by far that "The Scientist" is Coldplay's best song to date.

Beat my Meat
26-06-2006, 10:02
The best concert I ever went to was a Mastodon one. People actually died at those ones. When he started playing "Blood and Thunder" about 5 people stood up and screamed vikign warcries. It was pretty awesome.

26-06-2006, 12:02
wait a minute you've never been to a mastordon concert?

well i actually think trouble is their greatest song or even swallowed in the sea, but i do think the scientist is one of the best they have.

OK the game starts officially now. If you haven't posted the characters yet then just introduce them in the game aomewhere you know just a brief intro introducing thier personality. You should see a new thread that called Star Wars RPG thats the game. ok, guys leys do this thing, remeber this is my first time as GM onj the internet so it might be slow to start off, thats a big might.

alright see you in the game.

P.S i am officially going to start calling Hate Train my uncle, ;) . Why? because i am GM thats why....

26-06-2006, 14:02
I replied to your email, here is my character if you approve it

Name: Agent Kordos
Character: Galactic Alliance Intelligence Officer

Apperance: Tall and slim, while not exceptionally strong Kordos is agile and athletic. He keeps his black hair cropped short, is clean shaven and keeps his appearance neat and tidy. His eyes are a dark brown matching his habit of wearing dark clothes.

Bio: Born into a world of crime he grew up with his smuggler parents learning the often deadly trade of drug running. When his parents were killed in a syndicate war Kordos took off to find a safer and legal occupation on a backwater planet.
After several years a Jedi visited Kordos, something which disturbed him, the Jedi told Kordos that he must atone for his actions and give something back to the galaxy. Truly unsettled by this he used up every last credit to get into a flight academy to try out as a pilot unfortunately he didn’t make the cut but GA Intelligence noticed something special in his test answers and gave him a series of extra tests before accepting him to train as an undercover agent.
He has never since seen the Jedi who visited all those years ago but has maintained a healthy respect for the Jedi order.

Gear: Hold out blaster, hidden in left boot, only 4 shots before needing a recharge
Vibro knife, hidden in right boot
Blaster pistol

Special abilities: Infiltrate – Can blend in and infiltrate most human societies with ease

Criminal Knowledge – Has a general knowledge of most criminal organisations

Hate Train
26-06-2006, 16:12
I prefer the antics of Mayhem to those of Mastodon. You know, throwing goat skulls into the crowd, having your drummer kill your lead singer then eat him because he wanted to prove he was more evil... Unfortunately I think there's only one member of Mayhem who isn't either dead or in jail.

27-06-2006, 04:23
@ uncle Train: lol

@ whats his name, new guy: I want you to wait until i send you an email or PM with instructions on it. Just keep reading the game and all that. you know your character is absolutly perfect. his job, personality, and friendship witht the jedi... any way await my email or PM it will come sooner rather then later, i am just leting the game start itself.... your going to do just nicely

27-06-2006, 12:00
cool no probs will wait for you

27-06-2006, 12:44
Hi Mulchie!

Apologies for not posting a char... personal whoosits. Basically she's gonna be an Oriental-stylee chick with kick-ass writen all over...


Name: Zhang Yimou

Born with impressive skills, a Jedi Knight noticed her quick reflexes, and the amount of damage she could do. She was born aggressive, her mother was forever trying to teach her to cool down and not be so rash in her decisions.

She has been training with weapons since she was 10, and was lethal with a bamboo rod! If you didn't look what she was doing, there was a high possibility that you would lose something you'd rather keep! Naturally skilled, and an excellent street-fighter, there was never any concern as to whether Zhang was alright, just whether the people she inevitably fought would recover....

Unlike most girls her age, she is not obsessed with clothes and appearance, she is happiest wearing a pair of long shorts, and a short top, for functionality.

When she is not fighting, she is regularly seen tinkering with techno gadgets. She has developed a device to monitor fighting effectiveness. Worn somewhere on the person, it takes various measurements and relays the data captured.

Equipment: Lightsaber - 2, blue, effectiveness monitor.

Force Powers - None above standard Jedi training.

Hope that's OK Mulchie,


28-06-2006, 05:10
cheers thats cool joe.

Just a reminder the game has started.

Kordos, I will get to you once every one else has posted...

alright laters,


01-07-2006, 12:08
hey the Game Has started.... I expect you all to be there.... If you arn't playing say so.


07-07-2006, 11:23
Ok i'm a little late in doing this well a hell of alot late, but better now than never. Mulchie you'll have to approve this (hopefully) cause i posted on the ic thread and if that screws things up let me know.

Name: "Geno" Ironstrike
Character: Jedi
Race: Kel dor
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Tall, Black breathing mask, black clothes with many pockets, hooded robe and a red ribbon attached to his left arm. Constanly hides his face to inspire fear and to hide his breathing mask.
History: As soon as he had made enough money, Geno got of his home planet and traveled the stars taking any job that was given to him. After a few years of travel Geno fell under command of a friendly smuggler who gave him a home onboard his ship, but after a job gone bad enemy smugglers got Geno mixed up in a coup that ended with him killing his father like smuggler friend. He is a tortured man who was found by the Jedi and is being rehabilitated.
Equipment: Lightsaber (green), clothes, blaster strapped on left thigh, breath mask acts as a personal computer.
Force Powers: Force Push, Telekinesis
Special Abilities: Geno has cat like reflexes allowing himself an advantage over his enemies, he is also a tortured soul which means he might get too carried away in battle and use dark side powers.

07-07-2006, 19:40
If it ain't too late to join...
How long is this after Yavin (Or Endor... Yavin was four years before Endor...)? And is this rule based (D20 System) or free form?

Name - Ellisa
Race - White skinned Twi'lek
Sex - Female
Class - Force User (neither Light nor Dark, and the equivilent of a Guardian or Marauder... can't remember what the term for them really is)

Equipment - Ellisa's Lightsaber is broken. How it was destroyed Ellisa won't say, but she refuses to recreate another one. She doesn't wear Jedi Robes, either, instead she wears a Mandalorian combat suit and bears a pair of slug-throwing, force sensitive pistols; Ellisa only misses when she intends to, and three grenades, which she has made herself, she still doesn't know exactly what they'll do on explosion.

Appearance - White skinned, deep blue eyed. Her combat suit has metal plates on the chest, belly, crotch, thighs and shoulders. Ellisa's Lekku have been bound in fiber-thongs to protect them without straggling them or weighing her down, and Ellisa's boots are designed for fast movement, dancing, fighting, running or otherwise.

Powers - Force Push, Force Pull, Force Run, Force Jump, Force Stun.

History - Ellisa is a Twi'lek, from where she learnt how to use the Force, however, is unknown... no one knows her past; those that have found out, have either died soon after, or attacked her for knowing it.

08-07-2006, 06:04
Splinter and dermont you guys can join as we have had ppl who pulled out of the game....

just join the group when we are on the way to the shuttle. and yes this is free form.


Jet Black Mamba
08-07-2006, 17:37
I've been told by mulchie I can sign-up, so heres my character:

Name: Kabrash Sarphin.
Race: Zabrak (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Star_Wars_races#Zabrak)
Gender: Male
Class: Jedi (Knight)
Force Powers: Telekinesis, Minor Telepathy.
Equipment: Two Silver-Bladed Lightsabers, which lock to make a Battlestaff.
Appearance: Pure black skin, with elaborate, twisting red Zabrak tatoos on his face, and across his blad head leading down the back of his neck (note Zabrak tatoos can vary widely, and that Darth Maul has Sith tatooing, not traditional Zabrak). He has the usual Zabrak "crown" of horns, which the tatoo spikes around. His eyes are a fierce purple, but it is beggining to pale and yellow slightly.
Attire: Kabrash wears a deep red robe, with a black lining, and a black border. Often he wears the hood up, out of habit as well as due to whatever enviroment he is in.
History: Kabrash is often impulsive and -ironically concerning his name- brash, though would sit for a long time in meditation.

His lightsaber blades are silver, due to how during his training he chose to artificially create the focusing crystal rather than "search" for it as most do. The outcoming colour would be unknown, and ended-up as silver. He insisted that his first crystal was not right and created another. Through testing, both were fine and he made a pair of sabers. Somehow, both of them came out silver.

His master had a bad reputation, but this did not bother Kabrash save for the irritance of snide remarks. At first, Kabrash had been angered at these, though he appears to now restrain himself and stay calm- as he does in most situations.

21-07-2006, 03:23
Hey I'm kinda new to Warseer and saw this RPG only today I was wondering if I can join cause it seems like a cool dealy.