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14-05-2014, 04:01
hey everyone! i have a 3500 point game coming up against WoC. This is a friendly game with no restrictions. I'd love to hear comments and suggestions! But just so you know im trying to stay away from crazy empire gun line. so the artillery i do have is what im going to stay with. have at it! :::cheers:::

griffon formation (3498pts)
3500pt Empire

+ Lords + (619pts)

* Arch Lector (goes either behind my lines for bubble hatred/spells or help with possible flank charges)
Heavy Armour
- The White Cloak of Ulric
Van Horstmann's Speculum
Charmed Shield
* War Altar of Sigmar

* Battle Wizard Lord (goes in with archer bunker)
Lore of Light, Wizard Level 4
- Earthing Rod
- Talisman of Preservation

+ Heroes + (502pts)

* Battle Wizard (minor council of light and scroll caddy)
Lore of Light, Wizard Level 1
- Dispel Scroll

* Captain of the Empire ( goes with parent HBs)
BSB, Full Plate Armour
- Dawnstone
- Enchanted Shield
- Warrior Bane

* Captain (warmachine hunter/ redirector/ chaff clearer)
Full Plate Armour, shield, Imperial Pegasus
- Dragonhelm
- Opal Amulet
- Sword of Might

* Master Engineer (with cannon)

* Master Engineer (with HBVG)

+ Core + (1266pts)

* 10x Archers (wizard bunker with two redirecting chaff units)
* 5x Archers Detachment
* 5x Archers Detachment

* Halberdiers x51 fc
* Swordsmen x25 (Detatchment)
* Swordsmen x25 (Detachment)

* Knightly Orders Inner Circle x15 (possible hammer unit or tar pit, depending what he fields, or chaff clearer)
- Fc
- Steel Standard

+ Special + (611pts)

* Demigryph Knights x3 (flank protect)
- Banner of Eternal Flame

* Demigryph Knights x4 (more aggresive flank)
- Fc
- Banner of Swiftness

* Great Cannon

+ Rare + (500pts)

* Celestial Hurricanum

* Helblaster Volley Gun

* Steam Tank

ZT Strike
14-05-2014, 14:57
Would I be correct in assuming that you are using the vast majority of your models and are stretching to reach your points?

15-05-2014, 04:24
oh no, i still have plenty of models. i own just about every model except for some special characters. I'm just trying to create a unique list

ZT Strike
15-05-2014, 07:52
Well if you are building a list "for fun" I don't see why you need to post it on here. However if you are looking for tips on making a list to put the pain to warriors then I am sure people would be willing to help you.
I personally didn't like playing Empire for I found it boring, but I could share what I would have made to fight WOC.

15-05-2014, 08:55
First, add another two cannons, they are invaluable at taking down some of the monsters and monstrous cav you are bound to face. Next, drop 25 of the swordsmen, who are getting hit on 3s and giving up combat resolution each combat, along with the captain and the Lector, and throw in Karl Franz on a steed and a priest to go with the Knight bus.

Some one cut the brakes, because once that Ghal-Maraz rape train starts a goin' there's not much to stop it. Your opponent will think twice about smashing his chariots, Chimera or Skullcrushers into the Emperor's unit. Just hope he doesn't bring Archeon (which would make for a really neat and thematic battle, actually, albeit not in your favor).

Otherwise, you have a fairly good list.