View Full Version : Night Golbins 5th/6th edition box contents?

Chaos Warlord
15-05-2014, 21:49
Hello ive got a fairy simple question really, but one that i need some advice in, seeing as info is hard to come by this long after the boxes was put out of production.

if im not mistaken the 5th edition Night goblins were with a regimental box art and had the same contents as when the box art was redone to 6th with a artwork instead, if im mistaken in this please feel free to correct me.
the contents of the 5th ed box was the same as 6th was it not? with a little bag of metal bits containing the swordarm and head of the champion aswell as standardbearer arm and musician arms, this content was the same for both boxes right?
seeing as the content seems to be the same for before and after the box art was redone.

im currently in a discussion with someone claiming that the 6th edition did not have any metal parts in it, wich would seem really wierd seeing as there is no parts to make a champion on the sprues, but it did contain that 'shared sprue' with skaven clanrat and goblin bits.

could someone please shed light on this issue and if you have any links to the contents or refrence to it it would help a great deal.
Right now this person is trying to sell the box to me but without the command parts in metal claiming that GW never had those in the 6th ed box (the one with artwork as boxart)


15-05-2014, 22:03
The seller is correct, once GW redid the boxes from 5th edition to 6th (which included the change from a picture of the actual figures to the artwork) they did away with the metal bits.

The 5th edition box sets also featured movement trays, which were removed from the re-released versions.

Chaos Warlord
15-05-2014, 22:27
really? that would seem odd indeed. i mean the metal champion bits is clearly a identical copy of the artwork champion seeing as the head and sword are the same. but they removed those parts to make that champion and once removed stuck a artwork depicting said champion on the box even though it was removed? i mean GW can do some odd decisions but that makes me raise my eyebrows if thats the case.

15-05-2014, 22:41
The 5th edition version had metal command bitz and the 6th edition one had a plastic command sprue it shared with Skaven and Skellies.

I'm also not 100% convinced that the change to artwork on the box, the command change and the dropping of the movement tray all happened at the same time. I believe I got once box with artwork, but I never got the plastic command sprue.

Chaos Warlord
15-05-2014, 22:49
allright thanks for clearing that up for me