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15-05-2014, 22:20
Does anybody know if any company makes a miniature of a tornado?

I saw a picture online of a tornado that had sucked up some fire and was a firenado!

It gave me an idea for some cool terrain.

So guys any idea?

Lars Porsenna
15-05-2014, 22:27
WotC back in the days of Chainmail metal miniatures made a metal Air Elemental that was in the shape of a tornado. It was perhaps twice the size of a 28mm figure, on a 25mm base. Might still be found on Ebay.

Edit: one on ebay right now.


Lord Zarkov
15-05-2014, 23:26
GW do a small one in one of the arcane fulcrums kits. But it does have skulls on it and you have to buy it with a throne on a skull.

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