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18-06-2006, 10:39
Greetings all!. I've been slowly collecting an Ogre Kingdoms army over the past year, using nothing but classic ogre metal models. And this weekend, it was time to get my clan on the battlefield for the very first time. I was to be facing Dwarfs - and you can imagine my dread, since Dwarfs are very well suited to be facing Ogres. The Dwarfs are surpassed by none at taking a charge and holding, and my entire army is based around breaking the enemy on the charge. Oh well, nobody said this was going to be easy, did they? Here are the armies that clashed on the battlefield that day:

OGRES - 2000 pts (unnamed as of yet - I'll wait to see if my boss does soemthing noteworthy and name the clan after that).

Tyrant with Tenderiser, Kineater and Talisman of protection /300 pts

BSB Bruiser with Warbanner /180 pts

Butcher with Bangstick and Tooth Gnoblar /160 pts

Butcher with Skull mantle, Dispel scroll /175 pts

7 Ironguts with musician /346 pts.

6 Bulls with 2 hand weapons, musician, standard /264

3 Bulls with 2 hand weapons, musician /127 pts

3 Bulls with 2 hand weapons, musician /127 pts

20 Gnoblars /40 pts

20 Gnoblars /40 pts

8 Gnoblar Trappers /48 pts

A Slavegiant! /175 pts

DWARF THRONG - 2000 pts (approximately)

Lord on shield bearers with assorted rune-y goodness. I think he had a oathstone, but he never used it.

BSB with rune of +1 CR within 12"

Runesmith with rune of stealing one power dice and adding it to the dispel pile (sneaky *******!)

20 Hammerers, Full command, rune of double unit strength.

20 warriors with FCMD, shields.

20 warriors with FCMD, great weapons.

15 Slayers.

16 Thunderers (!) with FCMD and shields. (He was aiming to get them on a hill, and if he didn't get the hill they would deploy 8x2 and then double up as a combat unit in 4x4 when I got closer).

Stone thrower.

Organ gun.

That was the armies. The deployment looked like this:


18-06-2006, 10:40
I had a cunning plan! My plan was to let my gnoblars sit back and claim table quarters (a free 200 VP versus Dwarves - I knew they weren't going to divert attention towards shifting the Gnoblars out of place). The rest of the cunning plan consisted mainly of chugging forward at top pace and killin' the stunties. I had a vague notion of flanking with my giant, but he had placed slayers there so they would be occupied for awhile. And I was going to avoid that Hammerers unit like the plague. I had no hope of shifting it out of place.

*EDIT* DRAT! I see now I forgot about the Trappers! Well, they were deployed behind the rocky hill on the right, and made little notice of themselves during the game.

Turn 1

I went first (thank you dice!) and started moving forward with everything. The giant was going to go around the rocky hill to the right. Everything else was just going to go straight forward. I figured the rightmost small unit of bulls could support the giant in killing the slayers.

The bangstick killed a dwarf crewman on the stone thrower - but other than that, magic did absolutely nothing during the entire game, apart from healing back some wounds on my butchers. What little spells got through the magic defense were cancelled in the dwarf magic phase by power dice. So I'm just going to skip that phase, since it had no impact on the game at all.

His shooting took a terrible toll: three bulls on the righmost large bull unit bit the dust. They passed the panic test, thanks to Kineater. Phew! I think I'll always give Kineater to my general from now on - it's just too devastating to fail panic tests!

Turn 2

I went forward again, this time a little hesitant. I wanted to get impact hits the next turn. The trappers killed off a slayer with sharp stuff. That's all I did this turn... He couldn't move forward, since he wanted to shoot with his catapult. His slayers faced right, to counter the giant bearing down on them. Again, shooting was pretty nasty - he killed ALL the bulls left in the rightmost large bull unit. It was now down to the butcher and the general. Both got wounded by shooting, but the talisman left my general unscathed. Most terrible of all, a stone was launched into the air and struck my BSB (he failed his look out sir-save) and one irongut. Thankfully, the BSB only took 2 wounds, but the irongut was flattened. That was nerve-wracking!

Turn 3

Charge time! From left to right, I charged the ironguts into the warriors, the general into the stone thrower, the butcher into the organ gun, 3 bulls on the right into the slayers' flank and the giant into their front. The stone thrower crew failed their fear test and fled from the charge! This left my general stranded in front of the warrior unit! Disaster loomed!

On the left, my 3 bulls threatened the hammerer unit, which by now realised they were needed elsewhere. I kept my bulls there, threatening their exposed flank and rear.

In combat, I completely nailed it with my Ironguts. They swung their clubs and killed off a bunch of dwarfs. In the end, I won by 3 CR, and the dwarfs auto-broke from fear, and I ran them down, runesmith and all. Nice! The butcher did the same to the organ gun crew but on the extreme right, the slayers held firm against the onslaught. They only lost about 5-6 men, but I took no wounds in return.

Things were looking decidedly bleak, when the warriors with shields and BSB charged my tyrant, but I decided to hold, in order to try and assassinate his BSB. Instead, I got suckered into a challenge with the champion and lost the combat by 1. I held (phew!).

Turn 4

Swingaround time for my ironguts - they now faced the rear of the warriors engaged in combat with my tyrant. One of my butchers (the one that started alone, with the bangstick) joined the IG for protection, the other circled to the rear of the thunderers. Thank you, GW, for making them move-OR-fire! Otherwise, my butcher would have been toast. Some more slayers got killed, but I took 2 wounds on my giant in return, both from the champion! That smarts! I guess they don't call them giantslayers for nothing... The trappers surprised everyone when they killed 3 thunderers by throwing sharp stuff at them. I got my points back right there!

My tyrant challenged the BSB to a duel, but the damn coward refused and went into the back ranks! Boo hiss! His clansmen gave him the evil eye as I continued to smash dwarfs into the ground with my tenderiser, losing combat by 2. I held, thanks to the bruiser with the battlestandard being within 12". On the dwarf turn, the giant decided to stuff a dwarf down his trousers. What a way to go! Only 6 slayers left now. And my tyrant again lost combat by two, but managed to hold by the skin of his teeth (and the re-roll from the BSB). He was insanely lucky! Hey, that gives me an idea! The lucky bastards clan? Hmm...

Turn 5

I charged my ironguts in the rear of the warriors (thereby avoiding a rear charge from the hammerers, which were bearing down on me), and they decided it might be time to skidaddle. They didn't run far enough though, and were flattened beneath Ogre feet. Hooray! In combat, the giant decided to Jump Up And Down on the last slayers, killing them to a man (dwarf?).

The thunderers killed off an irongut, but their number was up: next turn, they had a giant and 3 ogre bulls plus a butcher for good measure bearing down on their rear (the thunderers had reformed to face towards the Ironguts earlier). Even the last turn was looking forward to a good scrap - how very delightful!

Turn 6

Without further ado, the giant, 3 bulls and a butcher charged the thunderers, killing quite a few of them and breaking them. The ogre bulls ran them down.

To return the favour, the hammerers plus lord charged the three bulls. I decided to hold, since he was going to get VP for them anyway, and I was curious to see what the dwarf lord could accomplish in combat.

The bulls made a squishy sound and were replaced by a fine red mist.

In the end, we didn't bother to count up the VP tally, but it was obvious that I won by a lot - probably a major victory, somewhat short of a massacre.

So there you have it! My first battle was a great triumph for the ogres, and I thought I was going to get my ass handed to me by the stunties. Kineater and the BSB proved to be the game-breaking points. Without them, my battleplan would have been all screwed up and I would have had a very hard time accomplishing anything.

I use the slave giant only because I like the model (I use the old marauder giant) and because I like the concept of giants - they are so much fun! And the random table is great, I love rolling on it. They are worse than pretty much everything else you can get for 175 pts in the ogre list though, I'm aware of that, but he did all right in this game.

Main mistakes by the dwarf player: I would have used only 10 thunderers and used the points left over to buy a cannon - the giant would have been dead meat then. Also, the lord should have been placed in the centre in one of the warrior units. He was quite hitty, and would have turned the tables if he was present. The hammerers were placed correctly though, they should always anchor a flank.

Thoughts? Opinions?

18-06-2006, 11:46
I have zero experience fighting Ogres, so this was a very interesting read. Thanks for posting it.

I'd like to try my hand against your nasty Ogres with my pansy Wood Elves. Armour is for chumps anyway.

Congrats on your win buddy.