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19-05-2014, 10:03
Hi there,

I didnīt play 40k for some time, but WHFB and BFG. But recently, I decided to buy the new IG (or whatís it called nowadays ;) ) Codex for my Renegades and after reading it Iím beginning to think it could be fun to play a few 40k related games. Related, because I donít really have enough motivation to get and study the new ruleset by now. Iíd rather would like to use some modified rules for some 40k skirmish (no I donít want to play Necromunda ;) ). From what Iíve seen, Kill Team could be fun, but I donít own the official rules yet. Iíve heard good things about SO Killzone, but all links seems to be dead :( . Has anyone a source for it or a recommendation for another good version? And what are your experiences with it?

Iím glad full for any advice :)

19-05-2014, 10:31
The official Kill Zone rules were always free so as long as you're familiar with how 40k plays you can just grab the rules and go. Most of the USRs that you pick up for your individuals are repeated in the KT rules so you don't even need the BRB for those.

I've had a handful of Kill Team games and they've always been great fun and usually much quicker than a standard game. As with most 40k stuff, if you add a narrative (I know, I know) to give your forces a reason to obtain their objectives it's a lot more fun. We used our most recent KT game as the first skirmish in a Dark Angels vs a corrupted Inqusition/Chaos compound which also included two regular games as the DA brought more forces to bear in their hunt for the Fallen hiding in the Inquisitor's retinue and finished with a Zone Mortalis game of DA vs Chaos Marines & Daemons where the naughty Inqusitor made a boo-boo and daemon began to pour into his underground lab complex. Slightly more than you've asked but it does highlight how adding a narrative can make for an excellent day or two and gives a great motivator to play more games like KT & ZM. Enjoy, if you do try it :D

19-05-2014, 10:43
You could always try Necromunda. Convert some gang, form a group of players and play.

19-05-2014, 14:13
2nd Edition 40k, Necromunda or a different system like Infinity.

19-05-2014, 14:23
You could always try Necromunda. Convert some gang, form a group of players and play.

Like I said, I'dont want to play Necromunda. Main reason for this is that I would prefer the Main-40k Factions and units, gangs are not the same as some termis fighting a gang of Genestealers and the like. Plus I donīt have proper terrain or even motivated players for campaigns I would like to play with.

The official Kill Zone rules were always free so as long as you're familiar with how 40k plays you can just grab the rules and go.

Where can I find these? I only know the digital version they charge money for (http://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/search/searchResults.jsp?qty=com.gamesworkshop.endeca.End ecaUserContext%404cc5c609&sorting=srl&view=table&searchTerm=kill+team). Of course I could buy it, but I don't have a proper smart phone or the like to use it and from what I’ve heard, the fan made Killzone is better (but seems no more available :( )

And thanks for sharing your experiences! Sadly I don't know enough motivated player in my region for such narrative games I would like to play with. All candidates prefer pen&paper RPs for that... But perhaps, after a few single games I ‘m able to convince some! :)

19-05-2014, 14:43
I would adapt 2nd edition stats to Necromunda (or just use plain 2nd edition). The current 40k stats (which the current Killteam has) don't work for a lot of factions at small levels for various reasons, and the overall post-3rd mechanics don't suit themselves to the scale too.

Ambience 327
19-05-2014, 14:45
FYI - Kill Team uses the normal 40K rules, but with some modifications. If you don't want to learn the 40K rules, Kill Team is not for you.

Smooth Boy
19-05-2014, 15:05
Google 'one page 40K', as the name suggest its a very simplified version of 40K that fits onto one page and its free to download. Although to be honest I would try and learn the basic rules and play Adeptacons combat patrol. Also bear in mind you won't have to learn every intricacy for combat patrol, it's usually infantry on infantry with maybe the odd tank and it means you can play against anyone in the future.

19-05-2014, 16:02
HOR has the best Kill Team rules IMHO. It's like a 40k/Necromunda hybrid that is tons of fun.


19-05-2014, 16:07
Hm, it seems that I didn’t make clear enough what I‘m searching for…Sorry for that, my English is not the best, could be one of the reasons…

I know 3rd, 5th and 6th edition 40k quite well (less 6th because I didn’t played it often). I probably could adapt to the upcoming 7th, but the current direction with the scale getting larger (superheavys for example) plus the “fluff-reflection” getting weaker (lots of strange matched up allies, GK at every corner and so on – highly subjective of course) currently doesn’t give me enough motivation to do so (plus the gaming groups in my area…). Therefore I would like to play some kind of 40k-skirmish in a good quality with a few friends alongside our main systems. It shouldn’t be 40k in easy, but a system with better rules for games with a low model quantity which can reflect the 40k universe, specific the parts normally reflected in 40k (marines, xenos, demons and the like). I heard much good about Necromunda and Infinity rule wise, but didn’t think it could reflect the parts of 40k that I want. A fan optimized Kill Team was my second thought, not as complex but far better than 40k 3rd + in lower point scale.

From what I’ve read here, perhaps adapted Necromunda rules would be better after all, although I primarily search something for single matches, not for campaigns. In any case, I would prefer an original, fan-made or fan-adapted ruleset already tested rather than adapting something myself. Battlefleet Gothic Revised is a good example for what I’m searching for. So if anybody has another good idea / source for corresponding rules, I would be grateful :) In any case, thanks for the previous comments!

HOR has the best Kill Team rules IMHO. It's like a 40k/Necromunda hybrid that is tons of fun.

Thanks! I will check them out. :)

20-05-2014, 11:16
The 4th edition 40k rulebook had the best rules for killteams. It also had rules for small games of 40k (about 400-500 points).

20-05-2014, 12:24
Hi there, why not write your own rules? Or take systems you like from other rule sets and use them? If you are not looking at competition games, you are not bound to any rules set. If you have the 'hardware' (figures, terrain) then use the software (rules) that suits you best. Try a search for 'free war-games rules' for inspiration.


20-05-2014, 14:09
Zone mortalis is a lot of fun and you can include some small heavy hitting forces on very dense terrain. Kill team is the closest you'll get to necromunda but without gangs - to get the best from it i think you need a varied force, which is not to say a varied force will be strongest in-game (normally wraiths or sternguard take this "honour") I have a lot of fun using a scout squad plus speeder, because it plays much like a gang in necromunda -a heavy, some sharpshooters, some melee fighters. I also enjoy using ork kommandos and dark eldar, great stuff and very appropriate to the background

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20-05-2014, 17:25
HH3 have a 30K campaign with strikeforces.
Basically, you starts with 150 points to spend on up to 3 characters from your army, with one designated as the Hero.

It has two resources:
Action points, earned from the having Leaders at the start or from the Hero performing a task. These can be used to improve the Hero or be spent to allow a Hero/leader/unit they are in to re-roll a dice.

Supplies, earned from the missions and spent on the upkeep of your army, buy new gear to the Hero and buying new Leaders.
The Resources you pay upkeep for is Ammo, Armour and Personnel, and they each have 5 steps. Failure to pay your upkeep after a mission will drop you down a step, meaning you are more likely to run out of ammo, your armour malfunctions and slows you down, and you get less points to spend on soldiers. Or, if you do well on the mission, you can raise the it up a step.

Before every mission, you can buy troops, depending on your Personnel level. Only restriction being no super-heavies and no (characters). Instead of buying a squad of terminators for example, you buy a single terminator and he will be a separate model.
Then there are rules for forming ad-hoc formations on the field, so that terminator can form a unit with 3 tactical marines.

I think it is a pretty interesting setup, and there are some cool missions as well. Don't think it would be to hard porting it to 40K either.
Could do some additions though. For instance, adding a Motor Pool resource. The campaign represents the aftermath of the Isstvan massacre, and having vehicles performing flawlessly while the armour is failing is odd. Adding the option to buy a roll on the kill-team tables for the leaders with action points would be nice as well.