View Full Version : WoC Escalation League Questions

Lamont Cranston
19-05-2014, 17:13
So we are starting up an escalation league with the first point total being 600pt at my LGS, so I am taking this opportunity to start a Warriors of Chaos army. I have two questions really, first one is whether you can do a Warriors escalation league army without having Marauders on foot (Mounted the models are amazing), but I really donít like the models on foot plus I donít think I would use them when you get to higher point armies anyway. I know I will be at a disadvantage at the lower point games without having a cheap unit like that to choose from, but I thank anyone for any suggestions on how to compensate. Second question is whether WoC is even a good choice for an esc league? I know the point is to have fun and try a new army, but all of the really cool stuff for WoC is all really expensive points wise. That means that until you get to the later games you donít get all the wonderful toys.

Disposable Hero
19-05-2014, 18:18
I am not a big fan of marauders on foot, so I skipped them.

Nurgle-themed warriors are fun to paint and deliver a punch, too.

I Am Forsaken
20-05-2014, 08:31
You can get an exalted hero, 12 warriors, 5 horsemen and a chariot in at a bit under 600 points, leaving you a little bit to spend on some basic equipment. Conveniently that's the GW box sizes if your using their stuff. At low points I'd keep everything cheap, no marks or fancy magic items just basic gear and maybe the opal amulet or luckstone for the hero. if you dont want any infantry you could change the warriors for another chariot and 5 horsemen and put your hero on a daemonic mount. No idea how effective this would be as I dont like low point fantasy myself but its some ideas for you to think about anyway.