View Full Version : Caco, Acquiescence and units w/characters

Gustav Kohn
21-05-2014, 15:40
With such a spell I have a couple questions:

1) Can characters leave the unit after this is cast on them.
2) If they can leave the unit, do they keep the spell, does the unit keep it, or both (I assume the unit...pp97)
3) If when they leave, the spell stays with the unit, do they leave using random movement or their own movement (pp 101)

I am thinking that they leave and caco stays with the unit, but not sure what movement they use to leave. I assume random.

21-05-2014, 18:06
Actually, they are stuck with the unit. Joining and leaving units occurs during the remaining moves phase and random movement is compulsory.

Gustav Kohn
21-05-2014, 21:05
Yep, just saw it on page 101. Thanks!