View Full Version : Adeptus Astartes Storm Wing Colors and Configuration

23-05-2014, 15:18
I looking to the Warseer community for some opinions. With the change to Battle Brothers allowing Allies to ride in transports, I'll finally be able to put my Deathwing Knights in a Stormraven. I've been wanting to field the Adeptus Astartes Storm Wing Formation with my Dark Angels and 7th edition is allowing my to do it. I have two questions.

1. What color should I paint the Stormraven and Storm Talons? It seems to me that the Stormraven would be painted in the standard Dark Angels green scheme as I imagine it as a mini Thunderhawk and really wouldn't belong to the Deathwing or the Ravenwing. I'm a little more iffy on the Storm Talons. I'm torn between Dark Angels green and the Ravenwing black scheme. I could really see them being and all purpose attack craft that escorts infantry but I can just as easily see them flying alongside my Nephilims and Dark Talons hunting down the Fallen. What are your thoughts?

2. What is the best weapons load out for the Stormraven? For this, I've been thinking of Assault Cannon, Heavy Bolter, and Hurricane Bolters for really anti-infantry power.

Zombie P
23-05-2014, 15:51
1. Talons are normally part of different companies armouries, so there would be plenty of standard green ones. I can see a Deathwing storm raven every time I close my eyes, but they would most likely also be green for the reasons you mentioned. I always liked the idea of Iron Hands storm ravens because of IWND from their chapter tactics.

2. Being DA, surely you have a distinct lack of true AA ability, and you would want the raven to fulfil that role? If you are after pure ground assault, try the plasma cannons, you have plenty of hull points and will be BS5 against most targets plus have twin linked, so you will miss very rarely. Hurricane bolters are a nice addition if you have ground assault in mind. I would probably go with typhoons over heavy bolters as they are just so lacklustre.