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25-05-2014, 19:59
So, I want to build a chaos guard army using cadians (As they are cheeper and easier to work with then the metal models) and I need ideas for how to make them fit with the chaos theme. Now, I suck at converting and greenstuffing so I gotta keep it to simple things.. I have made one test model where I removed the aquila from the helmet, armour and lasgun. And my color scheme is grey clothes, black gun and boots, And red armor (Washed with Nuln Oil to make it darker. Dosent look too bad)

Now the other ideas I have is to replace a few cadian heads with heads from http://www.games-workshop.com/en-SE/Beastmen-Gor-Herd (Or maybe a few where I use the entire Gor body too, But give them cadian arms..? Would cadian arms for the guns even fit..?) and for Primaris Psykers I'd use http://www.games-workshop.com/en-SE/Warriors-of-Chaos-Sorcerer-Lord and http://www.games-workshop.com/en-SE/Warriors-of-Chaos-Tzeentch-Sorcerer-Lord But.. What should I use for the Sanctioned Psykers..? (Or.. Maybe use three http://www.games-workshop.com/en-SE/Warriors-of-Chaos-Tzeentch-Sorcerer-Lord painted diferently for the Primaris, And then http://www.games-workshop.com/en-SE/Warriors-of-Chaos-Sorcerer-Lord for all the sanctioned psykers..)

Anyways, Any help, tips and ideas that arent too hard would be apreciated.

25-05-2014, 21:15
I can tell you my plan for when I get round to it.

Ungor heads and legs, Cadian Torsos, and maybe a sprinkling of forgeworld renegade militia arms: http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Warhammer-40000/Chaos/CHAOS_RENEGADES/RENEGADE-MILITIA-WEAPON-ARMS.html

Then with the legs and bits left over, use these: http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Warhammer-40000/Chaos/CHAOS_RENEGADES/RENEGADE_MILITIA_CONVERSION_SET.html

25-05-2014, 22:24
I guess you could, without too much trouble, get some nice unit fillers from the small box of Cultists, 5 of them, convert some to Gor heads or cadian ones, get the pistol ones some Lasguns... ect
Can add some variety to your units for a minimum cost and some fun work to do :)

Anyway, good luck with your project !

26-05-2014, 18:21
Thanks for the replies! I think I will mix in some Cultists in the units, And I am trading some magic the gathering cards for some Warriors of Chaos Marauder bits to further mix up the units ^_^

26-05-2014, 18:38
Remember: fantasy beastmen aren't wearing shirts... so unless you use cadian torsos on beastmen as well, you'll end up with a model whose only clothing is a loincloth and a pair of sleeves.

Head swap'll work fine, I suppose... although I always figured that Beastmen would be more 'beastly' - I like mine cloven hoofed and mostly naked.

Honestly if I were you, I'd be looking for a good source for tiny spikes. Not the like 'wrought-iron fence' type deals that you see on Chaos tanks and the like... more like little curved horns. I gave some to my chaos marine Scouts who were sporting Brettonian man-at-arms heads, and they turned out really well... looking like 'devil horns' on the helmets. I'm pretty sure I used spikes from the Dark Eldar raider. You get 16 individual tiny spikes like that with each Raider... I never glued mine on as I prefer my DE to have a more piratical/sleek look.

Beyond this, I'd advise looking into Ghoul bits for a more crazed/feral thing without going 'full beastman'.

There are also plenty of things you can swap out from Fantasy... but knowing which Chaos God you're going to favour most could give some better ideas for zany conversions... (undead generally for Nurgle, probably Beastmen and WoC for Khorne (some Vampire stuff though too), skinks/tomb kings for Tzeentch, Slaanesh might even like some of those slashed sleeves from Empire for the foppish dandy look).

Also look to third party bits makers - I'm generally horrified by the Cadian plastics myself, but their heads perhaps most of all - just too uninspired in terms of helmet design IMO.


The Good Doctor.

26-05-2014, 19:20

Beastman Cultists, give them old Bolters/ Lasguns or Pistols etc. Very easy conversion and cheaper than cutting up Cadian guardsmen.

This is only useful if you are going for a Bestial look, so would not be suitable for representing Traitor Guardsmen.

26-05-2014, 20:24
Ooo, Those beastman cultists looks awesome. Dunnos where to get bolters and lasguns for them though.. Not many bits sellers in sweden and I hate importing stuff.. And I kind of wanted them slightly (Or very) mutated and beastial and mixed. As if it is traitor guardsmen, With cultists and chaotic beastmen all working together. I supose catachans would work best for giving arms to the Beastmen since they dont have sleaves.. Hmm...

Oh, and as for what god.. Umm.. Everything exept Nurgle.. XD Dun like nurgle..

27-05-2014, 06:31
I chose Khorne, when I finally sealed my pact with the Dark Gods... partially because my regular opponent is roughly split between Nurgle and Tzeentch.

Khorne is great for a couple reasons:

a) He's the God of all true warriors. Probably the easiest for a standing army to fall to.

b) Under-represented. GW has made a few errors along the way in making Khorne Daemons and CSMs effective on the tabletop. You can do it, you just have to be clever. There are few things as awesome as smashing your opponent in close combat. With IG, this is a bit less of an issue...

c) Easy conversions. I got my start in eldar, moved on to Salamanders, and also DE. My Khorne force began in 4th as an all-infantry infiltrating close-quarters force using Chapter Traits. I wanted them to be slightly feral and very brutal looking. Since they fell to Khorne (roughly two years ago), I've had a great time converting them, as I no longer have to worry nearly as much about things having that clean Eldar or Salamanders look. I've taken the time, for instance, to simply carve into the chest aquilas, and inscribe very rough Khorne sigils on the shoulder pads. They now look insane. With Khorne, the dirtier and more battle-worn the better. You can easily get away with pretty simple paint jobs that are then liberally doused in blood splashes.

d) 40k in a nutshell. Khorne really speaks to the old school over the top fluff. Singleminded in purpose, all you need care about is bringing doom to your enemies, preferably in the messiest way possible.

I do a sort of 'combined arms' unit in my army - a mixture of 'possessed scouts' and weird shape-changing 'hunting xenos' as counts-as Daemonettes. I think a good approach for you could be to focus on differentiating units through conversions from lots of different sources. It makes sense, for instance, that a big blob of 30+ dudes with 'Commissars' (enforcers) would be a chaotic jumble of abhumans with a few human characters in there for support. behind them, you'd have the more 'conventional' remains of the IG force - a few mutations beginning, but mostly just stock dudes that have lost their minds. Finally, a couple units of Veterans could give you the opportunity to bring in a more baroque, brutal aesthetic using Fantasy Marauders etc.

I think a unit of Marauder Horsemen as Rough Riders is also a good plan. : P

Another good kit for conversions: Empire Flagellants (especially for Khorne).

Finally, for arming beastmen, I don't really see the need necessarily to use only GW weapons. You should be able to find mixed weapon bits from third party sellers for pretty cheap. Also, I do believe that there are 'extra' lasguns in all IG kits.


Who DOESN'T want to see beastmen with trench brooms?

Finally, I'll just say that part of my longterm plan is to build a counts-as Orks force using Fantasy Beastmen... could be something to look into if you go Khorne, as an allied contingent that can do a little more in the way of actual assault, and a cool way to bring in things like 'assault sentinels' (kill cans) and Dark Mechanicus contraptions.

Lost and the Damned, all the way.


The Good Doctor.