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18-06-2006, 21:28
Greetings my friends! Well, I had created a thread before about my Chaos Army project, but, due to lack of time on my models since then (Busy schedule lately!), and the fact that Warseer forums has been renewed, I thought it fit to reincarnate it!:D The basic idea is that I've been out of sync with GW lately, still getting WD, but out of sync all the same. But, having recently seen the raft of new models coming out for the Medusa V campaign, I decided to get back into it.:) I've bought a Chaos Warrior squad and have ordered the new Terminator Lord (Awesome model!), and I'm ready to charge into the fray again. I'm painting them Black Legion, as I like the dark and ornate scheme about them. Here's some photos of my test model. The base hasn't been done however, and the pictures aren't the best quality (time of day and lack of experience kind of got in the way :rolleyes: ), but hopefully they give you some idea about the models. Anyhoo, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy my blog! :D


p.s. I haven't put the Mark of Chaos Undivided either, but I will... I promise!

19-06-2006, 01:56
That guys looks pretty cool. I really like the detail you put into him for a first guy in a while. HE NEEDS BLOOD!!!

19-06-2006, 03:53
Glad to have you back!

As for picture taking, I'm no expert, it helps if you either use a tri-pod or simply place the camera on a stable object. It'll cut down on blurriness. Also, I don't know if you used it, use the macro setting- if you can't find it, most cameras have a button with a picture of a flower...anyway, good luck on getting back into it.

If you find yourself hitting an artist block, try reading the new Horus Heresy novels.

Great stuff.

19-06-2006, 15:41
Thanks for the response! For some strange reason, he seems to be one of my better models despite me being away from the paints........ :confused: Although, it took me 2.5, maybe 3 hours :eek: to work out everything. I think it was because I was constantly looking at the computer, eating, and waiting a little too long for the ink to dry :rolleyes: . Oh well, the next ones will be just as good, and hopefully will be painted in a much shorter time! I'm gonna be painting at about 4:30 (It's 20 to 4 here), just to have a rest, since I've just got home from school. I'll post pics soon!

(Oh, by the way, I've read the 2nd book, I was gonna get the third Horus Rising novel, but everyone's out of stock! :cries: I'm gonna get it as soon as possible. Anyone who hasn't read them isn't a true hobbyist.....)

19-06-2006, 15:43
Don't lose the momentum...get painting.

As far as waiting for ink to dry, are you familiar with "batch" painting?

19-06-2006, 15:48
Don't lose the momentum...get painting.

As far as waiting for ink to dry, are you familiar with "batch" painting?

Yeah, I am. It's just I felt the quality went up when I painted one, but that was the test. Besides, if any one model takes that long to paint again I'm gonna lose it! Well, time to get my **** into gear....


19-06-2006, 16:47
Looking really good! I have always loved the look and feel of chaos models. Alas I will stick to the pure and righteous.(For now:evilgrin: )
But as I said he looks really good for your first paint in months and dont worry about taking so long you do a good job.


21-06-2006, 22:06
Sorry for the lack of posting and updates guys! I've been really busy lately, but I'm gonna be hard at work tomorrow to get some marines done. I should have 2 marines done by tomorrow, (the 2nd seems to be cursed, everything goes wrong when painting him!!! :cries: but he'll be done, I swear it....)
I might have half of another two done as wel, let's just hope and pray...:angel: The reason I'm going at this pace is 1)I want to keep the good quality up and 2) I want to enjoy painting the model rather than rushing it, plus I'm a still a little out of the GW feel, but do not worry my friends! I'll be painting faster than you can say By golly the Emperor has been revived from his golden throne and is fighting against the mighty hordes of Chaos and avenging Sanguinius and the corruption of Horus!!!! (Try saying that 5 times faster and repeat it 10 times). You get the point...
Anyway, I'll post pics tomorrow and I'll hope to the high warp that I'll have finished the first squad (Bar Icon bearer and champ.) by friday. If I manage it I'll post pics on Saturday. *Takes a deep breath* Glad that's over. Until next time guys!!!;)