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27-05-2014, 12:26
So having being utterly demolished in my first ever tournament with High Elves, I realised I needed to be a bit more competitive. I've therefore come up with the following list which I think makes the army more robust but still not crazy, so should find the right balance between being able to win and being able to have an enjoyable game. Any thoughts would be appreciated though:


Loremaster with Book of Hoeth; in White Lions


Noble with Halberd and Heavy Armour, Moramon's Wayshard; in Spearmen

Noble BSB with Halberd and Heavy Armour, Crown of Command; in Phoenix Guard

Noble on Barded Steed with Shield, Heavy Armour and Lance; in Silver Helms

Mage (Lv1) with Dispel Scroll (High Magic); in Phoenix Guard


29 Spearmen with Standard and Champion

9 Silver Helms with Shield and Standard and Champion

12 Archers


23 White Lions with Standard and Champion and Banner of the World Dragon

22 Phoenix Guard with Standard and Champion and Lichebone Penant


Frostheart Phoenix

Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower

Total Points - 2,500

This list gives me the flexibility of having a unit of 29 spearmen plus a hero that can come on any table edge, forcing the opponent to think which is something that I quite like the idea of - it would certainly help against gun-line armies that I have come across which just blow me to smitherines before I can get across the table.

It alos gives me two 6x4 units of infantry that are Stubborn on Ld9 and have 2+ or 3+ ward saves vs Magic (more if the Lv 1 gets a spell off).

I don't like Ballistic Skill shooting that much, so whilst I have some shooting I am not overly reliant on it.

I know the most controvertial (Spelling?) choice in my army will probably be the Loremaster over a Level 4 Mage but I think this is personal preference that a lot of HE generals feel strongly one way or the other; I feel that I still have enough ability to dispel with the BoH but the tactical verstality the Loremaster gives is incredibly useful, especially in tournaments where you have to chose you lore in advance.

Anyway, this is a list I hope will be fun and also good, but would appreciate thoughts on potential weaknesses it may have.


27-05-2014, 13:07
You have NO Magical or Flaming attacks. If you come up against an ethereal vamp list or models with Regen, you will struggle.

Defenately put banner eternal flame on the Spears. Also If you can afford it, stick the Ring Khaine on the L1 Mage, its cheap, easy to cast and can strip a rank from the unit you want to get into CC with later.

All in all IMO, your spending too much on Heros. Also do not under estimate BS shooting. If you have opponents with Fast Cav, they can be infront of your RBT's Turn 1/2.

Also 7 sisters are as good as a RBT, more wounds, less shots, flaming AP2 in certain games

27-05-2014, 13:56
The Phoenix has magical attacks (admit that is only 5-6 attacks plus TS) - to be hoenst in the club where I am likely to play there are very few models that have ethereal of regen so its never somethign I have had to consider; perhaps if I end up going into a bigger tournament later I will need to pay more attention.

I've considered sisters but never been convinced...they seem to me to be as good as a RBT volley but I like the flexibility of the single shot - its taken out many monsters for me in the past - in my first game after a decade out my RBTs took out a Daemon Prince in the first turn with single shots.

I agree the list has a lot of heroes, but I feel a BSB is key and I wanted to try having the spearmen as reserves; so the only one that I would consider getting rid of is the one in the Silver Helms, which I may well do as I could spend the 70 odd points better...

Cheers for replying though :)

27-05-2014, 17:40
My first assesment is that you need more archers. Either Sisters or Seaguards or even just vanilla archers. The bolt throwers are nice but volume of fire is better with Sisters. They always come through for me.

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27-05-2014, 18:20
10 sisters is the same number of points as 2 bolt throwers and strike me as not as good....only get armour piercing against forces of destruction, have half the range negating the better BS in most circumstances, have 2 shots less and can't hit monsters/T5+ as hard....or am I missing something?

28-05-2014, 12:30
I stand corrected, the Frost Heart does have MA, but that is it. Not enough.

28-05-2014, 17:14
Your bsb has to little protection and will die quickly in combat. I would suggest dropping the halberd and try to find points for the shield of the myrwyrm and dragon armor. This would improve his armor save, give him a 2 up vs. flaming attacks, a 4+ vs most close combat attacks, and if he is in the phoenix guard a 5+ vs spells. Granted he won't hit as hard but it seems to me it is more important he not die. I personally think you would benefit from a unit of reavers and/or a eagle. Finally I think you have underestimated the effectiveness of sisters. For me they almost alway earn their points back and even when they don't they prove to be a big enough of a distraction they are worth the investment. Having said that points are already tight and sisters are a matter of personal taste.

29-05-2014, 03:46
Your 10 Sisters can move, have magical flaming attacks and can actually defend themselves if attacked. Also put a character in there with a Reaver bow or heck just give the Reaver bow to the High Sister. I tend to put in a Handmaiden too.

When I play against High Elves with my vamps I tend to just avoid the Bolt Throwers or send cavalry or ethereal troops against them. They can't run, they die quick. They never changed the course of a battle I've been in.