View Full Version : Lizards 3000 help with fine tuning pls

27-05-2014, 13:01
Old blood Stegadon helm, light armor sheild potion of strength, +1 strength sword, opal amulet, Carnasaur (loping stride and bloodroar)

Scar Vet, Bsb , armor of fortune, sword of striking, sheild

Skink Preist lvl 2, Engine of the gods, Dispel scroll ,Beasts

Skink preist lvl 2 Cube of darkness, Heavens

39 Saurus warriors FC Spears (scar vet)

28 skinks w/ 3 kroxigor, FC

1 Salamandar

1 Salamandar

1 Salamandar

1 ancient stegadon

10 Chamo skinks

10 chamo skinks

3 Ripperdactyls

3 Ripperdactyls

i was thinking instead of the 2 units of rippers i would add a salamandar and a Bastiladon with solar engine?

30-05-2014, 19:55
Keep rippers as character assassins...charge them in and try and killing blow then...bsb's/wizards etc.

07-06-2014, 03:31
Personally I would cut a few Saurus and skinks to make a unit of skirmishers or two as chaff. Maybe reduce the Chameleon units by 1-2 each as well. Otherwise its going to be really hard to get the charges you want off

08-06-2014, 14:34
I would drop the chameleon units down in size. With (10) in each unit, they are hard to fit into small spaces and are too expensive to be expendable. They're going to die; they should be cheap points-wise.

I agree with the above suggestion about dropping a few models here and there to make room for skink skirmishers.

I don't like my EotGs as mounts for my priests. I suggest splitting them up.