View Full Version : 3000p. Dwarves against Wood Elves

29-05-2014, 07:52
Tomorrow I will be fielding for the first time (since the new book came out) my dwarfs against a friend's wood elves.

I would love to hear some advice or criticism from the community though so here is my list:

Dwarf Lord on shieldbearers
+ great weapon
+ 2 runes of iron, +1 rune of stone
+3 runes of preservation

BsB with Master rune of Grugni and shield

Runesmith with rune of stone, 2 x runes of spellbreaking

Runesmith with 2x runes of spellbreaking, rune of passage

Master Engineer

16 quarellers with great weapon, shield + musician and std bearer

32 Longbears with shields and full command. Strollaz rune +rune of sanctuary

3 Gyrocopters (1 with vanguard)

25 Hammerers with full command. Strollaz. Champion with rune of fire and rune of speed

1 cannon with rune of forging and rune of fire

15 irondrakes with full command (2 runes of slowness) champion with trollhammer torpedo

1 Organ gun with rune of accuracy and rune of forging

5 rangers

5 rangers


The plan is to use the rangers to block his vanguarding cavalry and use my vanguarding blocks (hammerers and longbeards) to get close and personal as soon as possible. The gyros should help me deal with that pesky T3 elves easily (provided he doesnt shoot them first) while the quarellers can babysit the warmachines. the irondrakes will probably escort the two main fighting blocks in order to safeguard the flank of one of the two fighting blocks. The cannon will deal with treemen (if he brings any) and the organ gun with any fast cavalry or figthing blocks.
The rune of passage runesmith will be very handy against the Wood Elves. Actually I am contemplating in putting it on another character too in order to get the longbeards safe from dangerous terrain tests.
I expect the board to be litered with woods (I would take the acorn of ages - especially against dwarfs) so placing him inside the hammerers will probably give safe passage to the unit.
I also expect to see loads of hagbane arrows (ie poison) including waywatchers and scouts. Although I have a feeling that he will be fielding many sisters of the Thorn and Wild Rider units...