View Full Version : (Avian's) Weekly Poll #14: Do You Think We'll See 9th Edition in 2015?

Lord Dan
29-05-2014, 20:44
Avian's poll vanished, and as I was genuinely interested in the response I thought I'd borrow his question. Please take a moment to answer the poll, and take any corresponding discussion here:


Ultimate Life Form
29-05-2014, 20:51
I say it's very likely. First, I don't really see how one affects the other, second, you don't just topple over your release schedule on a whim (which I expect to be 9th in '15) and third, if the 40k release was lackluster or not still remains to be seen. People throwing contradictory anecdotal evidence around does not translate to a poor release.

29-05-2014, 20:55
I can't see many reasons why they wouldn't

29-05-2014, 20:56
Yes. Regardless of 40k suddenly releasing and (comparatively) bombing, they're over-committed to this release schedule. So 9th with allies, multiple detachments, magic dice batteries and extra daemons are more than likely going to infest the warhammer world.

29-05-2014, 20:59
Lacklustre release? What evidence of this is there ? :)

29-05-2014, 22:36
I think we will certainly see warhammer something , might be the long suggested skirmish game rather than actual 9th? I don't think the success or lack of success for the new 40k will have any real baring on when it does come out though

Spiney Norman
29-05-2014, 23:39
I've hedged, I think there are reasons why they would, and reasons why they wouldn't, but I've got no reason to think that whoever is responsible for what passes for 'policy' decisions at GW these days is a.) aware of any of the logical reasons for or against releasing a new edition of warhammer, or b.) gives a damn any way.

The abridged version is that the GW release schedule has always defied logic and reason, why should that change now?

30-05-2014, 00:36
Lacklustre release? What evidence of this is there ? :)

Somehow still having copies of a $300 release left after a week equates to a poor release. It isn't a $50 army book selling for $300. It's 3x that amount. That's a lot of scratch for most folks

In Louisville the new rules have been flying off the shelf

30-05-2014, 02:08
Somehow still having copies of a $300 release left after a week equates to a poor release. It isn't a $50 army book selling for $300. It's 3x that amount. That's a lot of scratch for most folks

And pretty much every other edition release (that has had them) has seen those exponentially costed limited editions be completely sold out that weekend or even the day of release. That they cut the number in half and it still didn't sell out should be indicative of something. Heck, the ridiculous void shield generators sold out essentially the moment they went on sale.

30-05-2014, 03:21
I think it's very likely, if only because they've almost finished updating all the armies to 8th edition. If Brets get done this summer, Skaven before Christmas, and Beastmen early next year, we can have a summer 9th edition release with a fully-updated roster of books.

Now I don't particularly think they NEED to update the edition. I personally think 8th edition is just fine the way it is. But GW is in the business of selling pretty books and models, so I expect them to do that given the opportunity rather than sit on their laurels and wait. Because how else are they going to get money from us? I suppose they could start selling more supplements, or "sub-faction" army books like all the marine chapters, but I find that doubtful. And given that Warhammer Forge has been shut down to focus on the money-printing machine that is the FW Horus Heresy series I sincerely doubt they're going to bet the farm on producing more of those.

No, much more likely that they'll release a new version of the base rules that's more of an 8.1 than a 9.0 and jump back on the armybook-update mill. Here's hoping that they give my beloved Tomb Kings some teeth first round :)