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29-05-2014, 22:11
Hi guys. The gaming club that I have just joined are planing to start a progressive campaign, with the armies starting at 500 points. I have always been interested in Vikings and the norse theme so have decided to go for a WOC army list,

Feed back would be great as I am new to this,

Chaos sorcerer - 110p

11 chaos warriors with shields - 165p

5 chaos warhounds - 30p

5 chaos warhounds - 30p

10 marauder warriors with shields and light armour - 80p

10 marauder warriors with shields and light armour - 80p

Total 495 points

31-05-2014, 12:03
According to me, your Marauders will be use les son this configuration.

Try to take 2 Horsemen instead, with a Musician and Flails/Axes if you have the points for.

31-05-2014, 13:09
Ok, if I drop one of the marauders in foot and replace them 5 mounted marauders with flails and light armour. That still falls with in the 500 points.

Good thinking ��

31-05-2014, 19:12
Leave the armor, their strenght is to be light cavalry and the Musician is mandatory to make sure they regroup after a feint!

Your Marauders on foot wont do anything.

You'd better grow your Warriors or give them Halberds and a mark of Nurgle?

03-06-2014, 23:14
Wow what a disaster. Played against a lizardman army and got stomped.

I had changed my list to include the level 1 sorcerer in the warrior unit.

10 marauders with light armour and shields

5 mounted marauders with flails

5 warhounds

He took a level 2 Mage 18 saurus and a Bastiladon with Ark of Sotek.

I think after playing the game for the first time that the marauders did not proform as well as I wanted, the warhounds did better lasting 2 turns against the bastiladon.

I plan to battle against Ogres next week. Any tips???


Yersinia Pestis
04-06-2014, 21:06
Ditch the marauders, try squeezing in a unit of Khorne knights :p Ok, a lot of points on the knights but.... try dealing with a fast moving, as1+, 15 attacks at s5 unit at that level...... oh! and the horsies bite too :D