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30-05-2014, 12:24
Hi there!

After playing my WoC to 1500, I'd like to give fragile but deadly DE a try.

Because I dont have any Monsters or Shooters in my WoC, I want my DE to fill that as a potential future ally list.

Sorceress : Level 2 / Talisman Preservation

20 Corsairs : FC / Repeater Handbows / Banner of Flame

5 Dark Riders : M / Shields / Repeater Crossbows

5 Dark Riders : M / Shields / Repeater Crossbows

War Hydra : Breathing

War Hydra : Breathing

TOTAL = 1000pts

My Sorceress will stay close to my Corsairs Champion (Banner to fill the points) to avoid duels.

My Hydras will flank them, of course.

Both my Dark Riders would do what they are made for : Harass an chaff hunting!

So, what do you think about it keeping in mind that my main ennemies are HE, Ogres and Beastmen (amical)?

02-06-2014, 18:26
Still no feedback or any help with this list?

I'd like to buy it in July to paint during my holydays so dont be shy and give me your point of view on this double Hydras please.

06-06-2014, 17:27
Itīs me again!

Another option would be to replace both my Hydras and the Banner by 2x5 Doomfire Warlocks and a Cold Ones Chariot with an Ironcurse Icon on the Sorceress.

This way, it would give me 3 Doombolt threats by turn!

Which one would be the best to you?